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Visiting Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

July 15, 2019 4 min read

Located on I-drive in Orlando, Florida, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition offers guest the opportunity to experience Titanic. The RMS Titanic was this beautiful British passenger liner that sunk in 1912, when it struck an iceberg. 

Although it was a tragedy and many lives were lost, learning about the people on the ship and what it was like in the early 1900’s is what makes this exhibition so fascinating.  

From the moment you walk into the doors until the time you exit, the exhibition keeps true to the theme, by having staff in character and offering Titanic themed photo opportunities.


Visiting Titanic

The Experience 

When visiting Titanic, you make your way over to the counter, where the staff will give you a boarding pass and an audio guide. They will also inform you of the time you are allowed to enter the exhibit. 

Visiting Titanic

Then once you have passed the front counter, you then go into the waiting area, where you watch a small video about the Titanic. 

As soon as the short video ends, the tour is then led by a staff member in period dress portraying an actual Titanic notable. He then leads us into the doors where all of the artifacts are. 


Visiting Titanic

The Exhibit

The exhibit showcases well over 400 artifact and historical treasures and has 17 galleries. Each room shows us different parts of the Titanic and as you move along, it feels as though you are on board.

DSC 0029

Many of the artifacts I saw were cups and saucers, a safe key, a pocket watch, wine bottles, cookware and so much more. They even had tile from the first class dining room and from the first class smoking room. Looking at the artifacts and learning more about them, made me feel closer to the Titanic, especially since these artifacts were all recovered from the RMS Titanic. 

Room after another, I used the audio guide to learn more about each area and artifact. I also got to see a 3-ton section of the Ship’s hull, which is the second largest piece of the Titanic ever recovered. All throughout the walls, there were newspaper clips, photos of people who were on the Titanic and other interesting facts. 

Walking into each room was a real surprise, mostly due to the fact that the most famous rooms on the Titanic had been recreated. From the Grand Staircase to the Boilers, it was a real treat to see each room and made the experience even more amazing.

img 3359

After having seen the Grand Staircase, I didn’t think anything else could amaze me, but I was wrong. Once I saw the Promenade Deck, I was in pure awe of the recreation of this area. I walked out only to see stars and when I looked down, there it was a body of water that made it feel like I was actually on deck. 

Towards the end of the Museum tour, there was a room full of names. It was the names of those that had tragically died on the Titanic and also the names of those who lived. I felt sad to see the names and number of people who had died, but then realized that the boarding passes we had received at the beginning of the tour, had the name of a person that was listed. The person I had on my boarding pass had survived. 

Visiting Titanic

By the time I got to the last gallery, I noticed something glistening. As I got closer, It was a large piece of an Iceberg with hand prints. Visitors are allowed to touch the Iceberg, which feels absolutely real. 

DSC 0035

At the end, you are able to shop around in the gift shop, which has plenty of Titanic themed souvenirs, including a collection of newspaper clippings from the early 1900’s. 

Visiting Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition not only taught me about the Titanic, but also gave me a closer look of the early 1900’s as well as the people on board. 

A few notes

  • When visiting Titanic: The Artifacts Exhibition, you are not allowed to take photos. As part of media, I was able to take photos for the purpose of this post. 
  • There are photographers around, so if you want a photo on the Grand Staircase, you can get your photo taken there. 
  • This is a great exhibition for all ages. 
  • They have a Titanic Gala Dinner Event – Friday and Saturday Nights.

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Disclaimer: I did receive free entry in order to write this post. All opinions are my own. 
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