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5 companies that give free beauty products on your birthday!

July 9, 2019 Hanny 2 min read No Comments
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If there’s something I look forward to, it’s my birthday! Not because I get to turn a year older, but because I get free beauty products for my birthday!

That’s right! Free stuff for my birthday!! Sure, there’s free food too, but what I like the most is the free beauty products I get each year.

So to make this birthday celebration even better, I decided to find all the goods and share it with you all! So here’s a few companies that will give you free beauty products for your birthday.


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1. Sephora

This may not be much of a secret to beauty insiders, but Sephora gives you free products on your birthday! I’ve been collecting beauty products from them for about a few years now and have gotten some good stuff. From NARS to Drunk Elephant, I’ve gotten some awesome brands and really I can’t complain – it’s free!!

2. The Body Shop

I recently found out about this one and I am loving it! When you sign up to The Body Shops program, you get $10 as a reward. You can then use these $10 to get a body cream, gel, lip balm or even a few facial masks! This year, I got some great masks that were on sale for 3 for $5, so I ended up with 6.

3. Coola

As someone who lives in the sunshine state, sunscreen is a must! Coola offers enough points on your birthday to get a free pocket size sunscreen and you don’t have to pay for shipping. There’s also a few other things you could get if you accumulate all your points.

4. Ulta Beauty

Like Sephora, Ulta also gives you a free item for your birthday. However, instead of going to the store asking for it, they simply send you a coupon for your free product during the month of your birthday.

5. Bare Minerals

If you join Bare Minerals Fab Friends and Benefits, you’ll get a gift on your birthday. You can get your gift at one of their boutiques or online (you do need to purchase something if you get it online).

There’s plenty of companies that give out free stuff during birthdays, so make sure to keep track of your favorite stores and sign up to their rewards!

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