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The Global Wanderess Press Center

The Global Wanderess Press

Wondering where I am in the press? Well you’ve come to the right page. This page is still being developed, so more lists will be added soon.

Below is an archive of media coverage of The Global Wanderess. Here you will find Podcasts, Magazine coverage, top lists and so much more. 

If you are looking to work with me, please head on over to the ‘work with me’ section. 


Blog Posts

Behind the Scenes on IG Live with The Global Wanderess – Fit Life Creation

The Pros and Cons of Cruising – Expectations Cruises


Top List

Top 75 Travel Lifestyle Blogs – Feedspot (Listed as my former name Travljunkie)

The Global Wanderess Press



Let’s Wander with The Global Wanderess – Fit Life Creation (Podcast)




Nature Friend Magazine – Cow photo taken by me.

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That’s it for The Global Wanderess Press. Thank you for stopping by!

About Me

About Me


Hola! I'm Hanny and I have been traveling since the age of three. Although, I grew up traveling, it wasn't until 2013, when I decided to start a blog. Read More

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