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Transforming my Lifestyle with Fit Life Creation

July 18, 2019 8 min read

A few months ago, I was struggling with my blog. I was struggling with creating content and simply coming up with ideas for my blog. Not only that, but my health had become a huge struggle as well. Since getting married, my weight had changed drastically and everyday it seemed as though I wasn’t doing much for my health. I was in dire need of a Lifestyle change.

Then one day, while on the Activate site by Bloglovin, I found Fit Life Creation. I loved what they had to offer, so I ended up doing a collaboration with them. Fit Life Creation was offering their Mastermind: Creation Club, which helps improve your health, business and wealth.

Taking this step with Fit Life Creation, also meant that I would have more on my plate than I already did. Not only am I a wife and a part-time travel blogger, but I also work full time, which already takes majority of my time.

To me, however taking this step meant changing my lifestyle and hopefully quitting my job to pursue a full-time position as a content creator for my blog.

The Creation Club

The Creation Club offers 12 modules that teaches you how to change your lifestyle, but also provides plenty of tools for you to succeed. Each module talks about something different – a few of them target the improvement of your business, a few go over your wealth and a few go over your health.

If you’d like to join the creation club, you can get 14 Days free and 10% off if you continue, using my code: Hanny

The best part is that there are these module of Katrina Julia, which make it feel as though she were in the same room as you, speaking to you. These videos have all been a wonderful motivation for the three months I have been doing the modules.

There’s so many lessons to learn within the 12 modules, that I will recap what I learned within the 3 months.

First Month

When I first started my first month, I was overwhelmed with so much information. This was my first time going through the modules and learned quite a few things such as how to be social smart, a boss babe and also started out with the 14 Day Challenge.


During this month, I was also introduced to some wonderful tools to use and also to Herbalife, ClassPass, Platejoy and much more! I even got to try some delicious Herbalife protein shakes as a perk for being in the Creation Club.

I also started to create more content using the tools and slowly started taking steps towards the betterment of my health.

Towards the end, I created videos about the Creation Club, which got me in front of my camera and gave me the confidence I needed to post them!

What you’ll find in The first month of the Creation Club:

Module 1 – Jump Start

This is where you’ll get started with the 7 Day Challenge. Here you start to make the lifestyle changes, by adding more to your life and taking things out of your life that do not serve you.

You also identify your habits and get some transformation treats!

Module 2 – Unleash Inspiration

In this module, I started to feel more inspired and we go further into transforming.

Module 3 – Clutter to Clarity

When going through the lessons in this module, I started to realize that our mindset can change the way we do things and live. This goes deep into investigating the brain behavior.

Module 4 – Time to Transform

When first introduced to this module, I learned that we need to let go of things in our past to have a better future.

Module 5 – Smart Social

This module was one of my favorites. Here I started to learn how to reuse content and how to be smarter on how I create content. I was also informed about a bunch of tools I wasn’t aware of. Some I had already been using, but nonetheless are excellent tools – IFTTT, Hootsuite, Tailwind etc…

Module 6 – Money Maker

Another favorite! This one helped me get into the Money Make Mindset and taught me to start goals. There’s a bunch of PDF that contain useful information as well as some tools to use such as Mint.

Module 7 – Boss Brand

At this point, I started to realize I had way too many favorites.

Here I went through lessons such as Brand Build, Legal Matters, Marketing Moves, Team Time, and also went through an action plan. 

Module 8 – Website Wonder

This is where I got some great tech tools and even learned about Kajabi!

Module 9 – Scale Smart

The lessons in this module went through how we can scale smart. Here I learned how to free up my time by using tools and re-purposing content.

Module 10 – Inspire with Influence

This is where you see more strategy and solutions for growing. You will get insight into ways to build and grow with content, social media, influencers and solutions that will help.  

Module 11 – Momentum Maker

This is where you will get to tie in your transformation with clarity and also everything you’ve learned so far. You are making Momentum. I also got a 90 Day Plan that helped transform me spiritually, physically, through community, financially and operational.

Module 12 – Crazy Confidence

In order to be successful, you need to be confident in what you do and who you are. For month one, we focused on faith and passion purpose.

My first month consisted of so much information, that I felt overwhelmed, but I was excited to get all of the knowledge, tools and resources that were being offered to me.


Exponential Exposure Course, 7 tools and the transformation pack with Herbalife.

Second Month

After having gone through the modules in the first month, more lessons were released! Just when you thought that was the end, Katrina Julia surprised me with even more lessons! This time the lessons went further into the improvement of my lifestyle.

During this time, I had also started using Platejoy for meal planning and recipes, and I finally ended up leaving my gym membership to join ClassPass. I actually feel like I workout more now than I did when going to a regular gym.


I also received some more items from Herbalife – sunscreen and a drink mix (one of my favorites!)

The second month challenged me to think about a permanent change to my lifestyle. Not to see this as a temporary thing, but to really make these changes in my lifestyle.

I was also on my first podcast ever! To talk about how my lifestyle has changed since starting the Creation Club and some of my favorite tools!

Even though the modules were all the same as the first month, the lessons were not. There was also more of a focus on Modules- Clutter to Clarity, Transform, Smart Social and Money Maker. 

As mentioned above, I had started using all the tools that were provided to me and I started to make a goal to transform my lifestyle. By this time, I was feeling comfortable with all the information and I was taking action towards making the changes in my life.

In month two, I also received bonuses.


Tailwind Course + Herbalife Pack

Third Month

I am currently in my third month, but this month has absolutely been the best! During this time, I received the opportunity to be a preferred member with Herbalife, which gives me 25% off! They have some incredible shakes, so this definitely benefited me as I do use shakes to replace one of my meals.


I also got the opportunity to join a Summertime Fit 21 Day Challenge, where we would eat healthy and do the workout challenge. We were also kept accountable by submitting photos and our weight. There was also a great support group, where we could post in and there was plenty of ways to win prizes.

Although, I didn’t win a prize, I did lose weight and my clothes fit much better now!

There’s also been more lessons in the modules, this time with more focus on Scale Smart, Inspire Influence, Momentum Maker and Crazy Confidence!

Going through the lessons has been wonderful. There’s plenty of worksheets, pdf with tips, tools to use and bonuses that will help you succeed.

I was also on Instagram Live! For someone who started out hating being in front of a camera, I feel so much comfortable now. 

I’m still working on my third month and excited to see what else I learn before it ends.


21 Day Challenge + VIP Pack



Going through the modules in the Creation Club has helped me tremendously. Not only do I have a bunch of information, but I also have a bunch of tools I use on a daily basis – Splice, Slide Share, Platejoy etc…

My health has definitely improved!! Using Platejoy has allowed me to make healthier meals and using ClassPass has allowed me to find the workouts I love – Aerial Yoga, Barre, Jazzercise and Boxing. It also introduced me to Herbalife, which has some amazing Cookies n’ cream shakes!

Even though these tools have helped tremendously, the amount of support I get from the Creation Club is what has me so motivated!

img 2984 e1563457908398

As for my business, my blog has grown since I started creating more content. I once felt stuck, not knowing what to create and now my mind is full of ideas! The modules have led me to create more and have inspired me to get out of my shell!

There’s also a lot of opportunity to improve wealth and though my finances have gotten a lot better this year than they were last year, I have yet to take the plunge into the opportunity of improving my wealth.

I’m slowly getting there though and it’s all thanks to the fabulous collaboration with Fit Life Creation that I am feeling wonderful and more confident in what I do!

The way I used to think of myself compared to the way I do now has also changed. Before, I felt like something was missing and couldn’t seem to get my content flowing and couldn’t seem to improve my health either.

Since going through the modules, I feel more confident in what I do and my health has improved. As for my finances, the goals that I set in place while doing the modules has been working, I no longer spend as much as I used to and have been saving more than I did before. These modules aren’t a temporary fix, they are a lifestyle change. 

Going through the modules has helped me realize that it is possible to be an entrepreneur and that I will get out of my 9-5 to completely focus on my business. Not only do I want to be a Travel Blogger, but I also want to expand into courses, books and video!

What’s my next move?

My next move is to create an online course that will help others travel and perhaps even start up a blog! I also intend on keeping my lifestyle changes.

I see myself growing much more in the next 90 days and really coming up with my strategy for the course.

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