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Exploring Downtown Sanford

January 28, 2019 3 min read

A quaint, historic town, Sanford has a variety of restaurants and shops that will entertain anyone strolling around the area. As small as this town might seem, Sanford has plenty of things to offer tourists.

At first glance, Downtown Sanford looks like any small town, but a closer look reveals vibrant, historical buildings and a wonderful environment. As a female, going anywhere alone can be a bit intimidating, but strolling around Downtown Sanford made me feel safe and comfortable.

Aside from the beautiful, vibrant buildings and surroundings, I found myself speaking to kind, happy people. When entering stores, I would find myself being greeted by wonderful employees. It’s this warmth that made my time in Sanford even better.

Now for all the things Sanford has to offer…

Sanford Trolley

DSC 0189

Sanford has a free trolley that goes around the Downtown area. This trolley is available Monday- Saturday starting at 12PM. The trolley stops at 9 different areas. The 9 stops are:

  1. Magnolia Square
  2. Welcome Center
  3. Palmetto & 3rd Street
  4. Sanford Ave & 5th Street
  5. Sanford Ave & 3rd Street
  6. Sanford Museum
  7. County Services Building
  8. Seminole Boulevard and Palmetto Ave
  9. Welcome Center

In order to get on the trolley, I made my way to the Sunrail station, where the trolley will pick visitors from.

A preview of my time on the Trolley

Self-Guided Tours

img 0710 e1548731127988

When stopping by the Welcome center, I was informed of their new Sanford365 app! This app gives you tours, events and any information you need on Sanford. I also took some tour guide maps, that showed me the different buildings and its history. These maps are great for self-guided tours and the best part? It’s absolutely free (so is the app!)

The Sanford Museum

DSC 0239

This small, educational museum offers an insight into the Sanford Family. From clothes to shovels, I was able to learn more of how Sanford came to be. This great museum has a wonderful collection and the best part? It’s absolutely free to visit.

The hours of the museum are from Tuesday – Friday 11AM – 4PM and Saturday 1PM – 4PM.

Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery

img 0713 e1548731012891
One of my favorites by Trent Manning

I’m all about the free entertainment, so when I found Jeanine Taylor Folk Art Gallery, I was ecstatic. I love to look at art, but what makes this gallery great is that you can watch local artists create their masterpieces.

Unique Stores

img 0718 e1548731218119

Aside from all the fun things in Sanford, my favorite thing to do in Sanford is visiting the stores. From tea shops to book stores, there are some unique stores offering what the big corporate companies do not offer – hidden treasures.

When visiting Maya’s Books & Music, I found some wonderful classics and books that cannot be found in big popular book stores. Their music collection was also fascinating and had a good collection of records.

Although, I stopped at least two different coffee spots, my absolute favorite is a tea shop – The Rosie Lee Co. Antidote Apothecary & Spa. This wonderful spot not only has a tea bar, but also has some great memorabilia from the U.K. Full of entertainment, this spot also has a spa and some natural remedies. This spot is great day and night, especially now that they offer boozy drinks as well.

Sanford has some hidden treasures that are often overlooked, but once you start exploring, you start to see that Sanford has a lot to offer.

For further information on Sanford, visit Sanford 365.

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