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Mini Guide to Savannah, Georgia

February 12, 2019 4 min read

A while back, I made a trip to Savannah for my first year anniversary. This was my second time in Savannah and thought it would be a good place to celebrate.

Although, I love Savannah – the cobblestone streets, the history and the culture. There were parts of Savannah, I wasn’t fond of this time around. I think my biggest disappointment was the hotel we stayed in.  

If you are trying to save a few bucks, while visiting Savannah, don’t go cheap on the hotel (or at least stay near the historic district of Savannah). That’s the mistake we made, when we went to visit. We decided to save a few bucks by going cheap on the hotel and staying 15 minutes away from the historic district area…it was a bad choice because not only was the area not great, but the hotel was a total mess! 

However, as many of my trips there were also good parts to the trip. We ate delicious food, we met a nice fellow on the way, we got to see beautiful architecture and discovered free transportation. 



DSC 0102

Savannah has free transportation for visitors wanting to get around the historic district. You can pick from the express shuttle or the ferry.

John and I decided to take the ferry, just to see where it would take us. The ferry went from city hall across the Savannah river over to Hutchinson Island.

Although we didn’t take the express shuttle, it’s another great way to move around Downtown Savannah. This shuttle stops at 12 stops and runs Monday-Saturday from 7 A.M to 9 P.M and Sunday from 11 A.M to 9 P.M.



DSC 0089

When we made our way to Downtown Savannah, we had no problem finding parking. The best part is that parking is free on the weekends. However, if you do go during a week, do expect to pay for parking.

Savannah does offer visitor parking passes, which can be purchased at the visitor center or the parking services office. The pass is $8 for 1 day or $14 for 2 days. If you don’t like the idea of a pass, then there’s plenty of metered parking spaces as well.



DSC 0139

John and I didn’t eat out much during the trip, but we did get to try a couple of amazing restaurants! My ultimate favorite is Collins Quarter. This wonderful restaurant, not only has beautiful decor, but also has delicious food. It was so amazing, that I had to write about it and post it here

This restaurant during the day is very casual, but the ambiance changes for dinner. So if you prefer something casual, do visit during lunch time!

Another great restaurant is Hitch. John and I had stopped by to get some beers, but after looking at the menu, we decided to get some food. The food is like no other with their take on typical dishes. They mix flavors, you had no idea would go well together. For example, I ordered cheese steak egg rolls with a side of cucumber kimchi.  A combination I never thought of before, but now can’t stop thinking about because it was so delicious! 



DSC 1309

While I didn’t go into many stores, there’s one store I did want to shine a light on because of the great customer service and delicious products. I’m talking about – Nuts about Savannah. If you haven’t guessed it already, they sell nuts! They have delicious freshly roasted cinnamon glazed pecans, cashews and almonds. Not only that, they also sell gourmet popcorn, which is just as good as their nuts. 

When we first discovered them, they were in a small area around the Historic Downtown on 41 Drayton Street. They also have a store in the Savannah mall. I definitely recommend checking them out as this is a family owned store with great people and delicious nuts!



DSC 1385

Savannah has some interesting tours – from ghost tours to pub tours, this place is filled with all kinds of tours. Although, I would have loved to take a ghost tour, we didn’t have much time. However, we did do a helicopter tour with Old City Helicopters! If you’ve never been on a helicopter, I highly recommend this tour. Not only did I get great photos of Savannah, but I learned quite a few things too. 

Now if you’re not looking to spend money on tours, but still want to do one. You can always take a tour of the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. This cathedral is absolutely gorgeous and worth taking a tour of. 

There’s plenty to do in Savannah, whether its walking around the historic district or going on a haunted tour. This city is great for any kind of celebration, for families, couples and even just single people with their friends. 

My time in Savannah may not have been perfect, but I’m thankful I got to experience the things that I did and got to meet some wonderful people. 


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Mini Guide to Savannah Georgia

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