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Off the Beaten Path: White Sands Buddhist Center in Mims, FL

November 16, 2020 2 min read

Located in Brevard County, Florida, Mims is a small place near Titusville. A 44-mile drive from Orlando, Mims offers visitors a beautiful Buddhist Center that is sure to make anyone feel relaxed after the visit.

White Sands Buddhist Center is one of those places that not many visitors know of. In fact, not many locals know of this place as it is well hidden within Mims.

White Sands Buddhist Center in Mims, FL

Mims FL

One of the first things you see when entering White Sands Buddhist Center is a narrow path. It’s this path that leads you deeper into what looks to be a forest, but once you make it through the path, you see an open field, some pillars and a big statue.

Tip: while going through this narrow path, be very careful as cars do come out from the other end. Eyes on the road!

Once you park, you are free to wander the area. You do not have to check in anywhere and if you do want to greet someone, do visit the gift shop.

The Great Bell of Wisdom and Compassion

Mims FL

One of things you will see when walking around is the great bell of Wisdom and Compassion.

It is this big bell that you get to strike. The idea is to strike the bell three times and say a prayer for peace.

The Statues

Mims FL

Around the White Sands Buddhist Center are three of the largest granite statues of the Buddha.

Mims FL

One of the statues has a granite sign that talks about the Shakyamuni Buddha and how he passed away while lying on his right side, while meditating. Hence, why you see one that is laying down.

Mims FL

The other two are in both sitting and standing positions of the Buddha, which are both nicely carved works of art.

The Reflecting Pond

img 2408

This pond you’ll see instantly as you make your way into the center. The beautiful statues are around the pond as well as granite benches, which are perfect for meditation.

Tip: You can feed the fish in the reflecting pond. All you need to do is buy the fish food from the gift shop and throw the pellets into the pond.

The Center

img 2429

White Sands Buddhist Center in Mims, FL, not only offer a peaceful environment, but they also have tours available and they also have meditation services every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

This peaceful center has a lot to offer visitors and those who visit, will stay for about 1-3 hours enjoying the peaceful environment.

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  • KaZ April 16, 2022 at 12:05 pm

    Such a beautiful and peaceful monastery. I have a home not too far away from it. Thank you for the reminder to get there more often. As someone who practices Buddhism, it’s a haven at my back door. Glad I discovered your site.

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