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Lounge Key Vs Priority Pass: Which One Should You Choose

January 18, 2014 3 min read

Making a trip to the airport can be a dreadful moment, even more so when you are dragging three medium-sized luggage bags.  Whether this is something you would do or not, we all can use a peaceful time at the airport while waiting for our airplane. Let’s face it, airports can be packed, stuffy, and uncomfortable. It can also be a total phone killer with the lack of charging stations. This is where the benefit of either a Priority Pass or Lounge Key comes in handy.

In this Lounge Key Vs Priority Pass blog post, I share some facts about each one as well as the memberships. While you can gain access to either one through the use of credit cards, numerous things differentiate the two.

Lounge Key Vs Priority Pass

Whether you decide to go with Lounge Key or Priority Pass, they are both good options for frequent flyers or flyers seeking a better experience at the airport.

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Lounge Key

Lounge Key is a network of airport lounges that make it easy to get into Lounges. You just need to have a credit card that partners with Lounge Fly and once you do, you have access to over 1,000 lounges around the world.

You can also use the Lounge Key app to find lounges nearby and any airport discounts. Most of the lounges are overseas with many in Asia with about 128 lounges.

The best part is that you can reserve your visit to one of the lounges ahead of time with the app and there are no upfront membership fees.

Lounge Key Vs Priority Pass

Priority Pass

When you decide to purchase a Priority Pass, depending on the kind that you buy – standard or prestige, you can gain access to every lounge in the airport. However, Priority Passes are expensive.

Standard Membership

Annual fee: $99
Member visit fee: $27
Guest fee: $27

Standard Plus Membership

Annual fee: $249
Member visit fee: 10 visits free then $27
Guest fee: $27

Prestige Membership

Annual fee: $399
Member visit fee: All visits free
Guest fee: $27

However, certain cards and banks offer the Priority Pass as an incentive for their members, which can be quite beneficial if you do not want to pay so much money for the pass.

One of the credit cards that offers the Priority Pass is the American Express Platinum. Although the annual fee is $450, it is also full of benefits that would cost extra if it weren’t for American Express.

This card has made it possible for me to obtain the priority pass for free and now whenever I am stuck in an airport for hours and hours, I enjoy the only for members lounge.

What makes Priority Pass so great though is that they have more lounges in their network with over 1,500 lounges, you are also able to pre-book the lounge and they also have an easy-to-use app.

What’s so great about the lounges? 

It is not only comfortable, but some of them are full of free food and drinks. On top of that it is not crowded, it has a TV and plenty of phone chargers.

other benefits:

  • Complimentary, secure WiFi
  • Comfortable seating in quiet areas
  • Power outlets
  • Showers (in some locations)
  • Meeting rooms or business facilities (in some locations)


I may be a bit biased since I’ve only ever used the Priority Pass, but when looking at what each one has to offer, I prefer the convenience of the Priority Pass. I like that they have memberships for those who do not have a credit card that partners up with Priority Pass and they also have a lot more lounges in the U.S. than Lounge Key.

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