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Exploring Greece: Discounts and Transportation

January 20, 2014 3 min read

Music playing on the streets, culture oozing from behind ancient walls, untouched oranges hanging from the trees and friendly Greeks dancing the night away – this is what I discovered in Greece.

When I decided to make a trip to Greece, I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I knew about Greece was Plato and Mythology, but aside from that I wasn’t aware of their culture or what their transportation system was like. My arrival to Greece was rather a great experience, not only was it easy to move around the airport, but as a welcome, a few ladies greeted me with an Athens spotlighted card. This free discount city card is given to whoever arrives at the Athens International Airport.


I don’t know many airports that will do that for their tourists, but this helped save a lot of money! Many of the places offered a discount of 10-20% off, which includes restaurants, entertainment, museums, shopping, and deli. This program is still available and if you decide to obtain one, make sure to visit the Central Information Counter or click here for more information on current offers.

The next thing I was impressed with was the transportation. Public transportation is important in a traveler’s life, it is what gets us to our next destination because, unlike home, we do not have a car to move around with unless we rent a car. Since I don’t like the idea of renting cars, public transportation is a big thing. It can either be a horrible experience or a good experience. In this case, transportation in Greece was a great experience. Not only do they have a variety of choices, but they also have an ultimate favorite of mine, Commuter Rails.

Not only do you get to enjoy the view with the commuter rail, but you also pay about 1.40 euros for a single ticket, which is about 1.89 dollars depending on the exchange. It is easy to travel on the commuter rail and there is no way to get lost with so many informative maps around the stations. The tickets are also valid on buses and trains, which makes traveling around Greece simple to do.

 If you are using another type of transportation, like the ferry. You might want to check out the discounts they offer. Bluestar Ferries for instance are full of amazing discounts ranging from a 10% family offer to a 50% children discount. I also recommend using a student discount if you are a student. Most of the time, the discount is much more than you would expect.

The good thing about Greece is that not only do you get a free discount card, but you still get more discounts in different places without having to buy a discount pass and the transportation price will not break your wallet. Leaving enough money to go on a ferry or to buy a souvenir or two. Not only does Greece have amazing historical sights, but it is also has great discounts and transportation.


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