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How to Make Money and Travel

January 10, 2014 3 min read

Plenty of people dream of taking off and traveling the world. Unfortunately, it is not that simple if you do not have a certain amount of money saved up. This has become quite difficult with today’s economy and constantly working in an office or a very stable workplace. However, there are a few ways to make money and travel at the same time. Now before you think that I will list ‘English Teacher,’ as a job abroad, guess again. Even though the majority of jobs abroad are that of an English Teacher, it is also not the only thing you can do abroad to make money. 


How to Make Money and Travel

While, yes this post is to help you make money and travel, you also have to remember that we work to live, not live to work. That said, there are several ways to make money, but here are some “traditional” ways of making money. 

1) Market Research

It is possible to travel the world collecting data and doing research. These jobs, however, are hard to come across. One company that I know of offers a few market research jobs and other jobs in different countries. Other companies may offer the same opportunities and your job may offer work abroad opportunities as well, just make sure you find out before you quit. This is a great way to make money and you are also able to travel while doing research for your job. 

2) Hostels, Resorts, and Hotels

If you have any experience with customer service or a hospitality degree, you may be able to obtain a job abroad in a hostel, resort, or hotel. It may not pay well, but it pays enough for a living and some will offer room and board. This also allows you to travel quite a bit as there are perks of working in hospitality. So if you’re curious about how to travel and make money at the same time, well this is how!

3) Internship

A lot of the younger population go for an internship. Bunac offers a few good programs in the field of your choosing for a fee. I have never tried Bunac, but it seems to be a popular choice among students. This is a great option if you have limited funds and can’t seem to find a job. There are many opportunities for students so be sure to keep a look out.

4) Blogging

I have seen plenty of people turn their blogging sites into full-time jobs and make money off it. Lately, this has been a popular choice for those wanting to backpack around the world. You may not make money right away, so make sure to blog with a full-time job or have savings before you quit. It may take a while to see some income from the blog, but if done correctly, you will see results. 

These are just a few ways how to make money and travel at the same time, and also some of my favorite jobs as well. There are plenty of other jobs you can do abroad and I will talk about it further in a later post. So stay tuned!


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