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How to Obtain a Visa

January 23, 2014 2 min read

Many people believe that traveling means buying a ticket, packing a bag and leaving everything behind. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as the movies. Travel requires some sort of plan and depending on where you are going, it could require paperwork.

When I was younger, I thought that because I was a U.S Citizen, I didn’t need a visa. However, as I started to travel more, I became aware that my American passport didn’t make me an exception to the visa policy. Of course, not all countries require a visa for entrance, but if you are planning on going somewhere in Asia, you may want to get familiar with the visa process.

1) If you are a USA Citizen, get familiar with all the places that require a Visa

Algeria Bhutan Chad Ethiopia Jordan Mauritania Qatar Tajikistan
Angola Bolivia China Gabon Kazakhstan Mauritius Russia Tanzania
Argentina Brazil Congo Gambia Kenya Mozambique Saudi Arabia Turkmenistan
Armenia Burkina Faso Cote d’Ivoire Ghana North Korea Myanmar Sao Tome/Principe UAE
Australia Burma Cuba Guinea Kuwait Nepal Sierre Leone Uganda
Azerbaijan Burundi Djibouti India Kyrgyzstan Nigeria Somalia Vietnam
Bahrain Cambodia Egypt Indonesia Liberia Oman Sri Lanka Yemen
Bangladesh Cameroon El Salvador Iraq Libya Mozambique Sudan Zambia
Belarus Cape Verde Equatorial Guinea Iran Madagascar Pakistan Suriname Zimbabwe
Benin Central African Rep Eritrea Ivory Coast Mali Papua New Guinea Syria  

2) Visit the Embassy or go on the consulate website for the nation you are visiting
Both the Embassy and website have the applications for the visa. I would recommend to visit the website before going to the embassy.

3) Pay and submit the application
Keep in mind that depending on the nation you are visiting, the cost of the visa could range anywhere from $50 to $250. Once the application is submitted with payment, the process could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months.

4) Wait!
All you have to do is wait for the arrival of the visa.

Getting a visa is not hard, the real challenge is spending $200 and waiting for the visa to arrive. Some will not make you wait long, but I do advise to get the visa a few months before your trip, it will make for a stress-free experience.



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