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Drinking around the world at Epcot

March 3, 2016 Hanny 4 min read No Comments

If there is something I enjoy more than traveling, it is my love of foods and drinks from around the world. Getting to know the culture, people, mannerisms and tasting different foods are things I am very passionate about when it comes to traveling. So when I got the opportunity to go drinking around the world, I couldn’t refuse.

Drinking around the world at Epcot is very simple, you go around to the 11 countries and take a shot, drink a beer or a cocktail. After your drink, you move on to the next country. The idea is to be able to do this within one day and that is exactly what I did.


1878528 Replica of the Aztec Temple
2104766 Inside a Mexican Building

I started out with Mexico and went directly into La Cava del Tequila. There are many different bars and restaurants in Mexico where you can get a drink, but we chose La Cava del Tequila due to their amazing margaritas and tequila shots. The restaurant was also a great place to go in for drinks due to their Mexican environment and friendly staff. I ended up getting the Wild Passion Fruit drink, while my friends got tequila shots.

2223360 Wild Passion Fruit Drink
2312179 Tequila Shots



2542080 Norway Castle
2591874 Elsa and Ana from Frozen

 We didn’t spend too much time in Norway due to the repairs being done to it – adding a ‘Frozen’ section. They also did not have many drink options, but if you want to complete the whole challenge of drinking around the world, then stop by one of the restaurants. The Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe has a few beer options as well as wine.


2676555 Welcome to China
2773226 China building

 If you stop by China, make sure to get Plum Wine at the Lotus Blossom Cafe. It has become one of my absolute favorite wines and it was a nice treat to have along with egg rolls. China has different places to go to for cocktails, such as the Joy of Tea that has an alcoholic beverage section. China also have a nice shopping area where you can buy all of your Chinese goods.

African Post

2902448 Africcccaa
2944256 The decor in Africa

It seems that not many count this as a country in Epcot, especially since there are no attractions within the African Post. However, I decided I wanted to go ahead and try a drink in Africa. So I headed to the Refreshment Cool Post where I got the Ace Pineapple Hard Cider. Of course, that’s not really a drink in Africa, but nonetheless it was delicious. If you are wanting a drink from Africa, try getting yourself a bottle of Jam Jar at the liquor store.

2984896 Pineapple beer in Africa


3113664 German buildings
3130304 beautiful building

Germany was absolutely wonderful. The atmosphere is close to that of being German, but not quite the same as the real Germany. However, I did have a good time drinking wine and eating sausages. Of course, should you visit Germany, get yourself a beer. Germans are known for their beer and sausage. While I spent time in Germany, I got my wine from Weinkeller, while I got my sausage from Sommerfest. Weinkiller has a wide variety of wines and specials.


3187968 German decor


3275456 Italy building
3309120 Italy fountain

I loved Italy because it felt so much like Italy and even had a fountain you would most likely find in Italy. While in Italy, we ended up stopping in La Bottega Italiana. Where we found a drink called Sambuca. While I did not like Sambuca, my friends loved the taste of it.

3328960 Place to eat


3436518 Japanese building
3470976 woman playing drum

Although there are plenty of places to go to for drinks in Japan, we ended up going to Mitsukoshi. There we got the Choya Umeshu Plum Wine and some beer. We do regret not getting the sake, but nonetheless it was a great experience. If you do stop by Japan, do get the sake!

Drinks up! Drinks up!
Kawaii! Kawaii!


3826752 Morocco
3808320 Beautiful view

At this point, I was already tipsy and don’t remember much of Morocco. I know my friends went to eat food in Morocco, but I’m not too sure what alcoholic beverage I had in Morocco. However, they do have a great cafe with all types of Mediterranean cuisine called the Tangierine Cafe.

3718484 More of Morocco


100891 France

France has many restaurants and cafes to get some great treats. I believe I got Chardonnay while in France, but as stated I was already tipsy. However, they do have some great wines and beers, especially the Kronenbourg 1664, which is a great beer to drink.

United Kingdom

102656 Phone booth

Oh how I remember being in the U.K… At this point, I was in the Rose & Crown British Pub yelling I want an Irish Car Bomb! Which is a bomb shot cocktail. I don’t recall drinking all of it, but it was an overall good experience.


At this point, we were running out of time due to other commitments I had. However,  I didn’t hear too many great thinks about the Canadian drinks at Epcot since they only have one cart for that.

I might have not drank at all 11 countries, but I did get to drink enough and see beautiful sights that remind me of why I love to travel.

Will you be trying the drink around the world challenge?


nile ethiopian cuisine 13

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