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Leap Year Travel Specials

February 28, 2016 2 min read

There is an extra day this year and that day just so happens to be my birthday! That’s right folks, I am a leap-year baby or as many like to say a “leaper”.

A leap year is a year containing an additional day, which only happens every four years. This special day is February 29th, and the chances of being born on this day is 1 in 1,461. So as you can imagine, I am excited to be celebrating my birthday this year!

Over the years, many different companies have offered perks for being born on a leap year. From free entrance to Disneyland to free skiing at the Ski Resort. However, some of these offers are hard to find and not many know about them, so to all my readers and leapers here are some offers for both leap years and non-leapers.

Offers for Leap Year Babies

Chiltern Railways – On Feb. 29, Chiltern Railways will be giving leapers free travel! That’s right, if you live or are visiting the UK, make sure to get your free ride.

Hard Rock Cafe – This may not be travel, but who doesn’t love free food?! On February 29th, Hard Rock Cafe will be giving Leapers free entrees. 

Villa Italian Kitchen – If you want to save money on your next travel, then eat free pizza at Villa Italian Kitchen. Whether you are on the road or at home, Villa Italian Kitchen is giving Leapers free Pizza on Feb. 29th. t.

Offers for Everyone

Budapest Party Hostels – They are having a free day, free stay. To book your free stay, you will need to email them to get more details on their free day, free stay leap year promotion. You can email them at

Wyndham Deals –  Save up to 40% off on your room nights for the leap year. The special offer must be booked by February 29th.

Orlando Paintball – You get a free rental on your birthday! Many paintball places will do this, so check your nearby paintball location.

CheapOair – use the code GETAWAYS30 to save $30 off flight tickets booked.

There are many places offering specials for leap year, so whether you are traveling or eating out, make sure to check out the specials.

Have you found any leap year specials you would like to share?

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