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5 Apps That Will Help Make Travel Affordable

February 17, 2018 3 min read

Let’s face it, travel is not cheap. Traveling anywhere costs money – whether it is going 8 hours away from your home or overseas. Some people will recommend credit card miles and certain hacks that involve credit card programs. Not everyone has good credit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel. 

Travel is possible with patience, time and tools. There are platforms that can help you find affordable travel without having to pay up front. These tools are some of the best ones I’ve used and recommend. 



If you follow me on Instagram, you will notice that I post a lot about Skiplagged. Last year, I found a five day trip to Norway for only $300 RT. I live in the U.S. so travel overseas can be quite expensive. However, since using Skiplagged, I’ve found some amazing deals. 

What I like about Skiplagged: Skiplagged has this awesome graph that shows the price range, so if you are flexible with your dates, then this graph makes it easy to find a good rate. 


Another thing I like about Skiplagged is the app! I’ve used different travel apps and most of them aren’t that great, but Skiplagged makes it so easy to find flights on their app (plus they also have the wonderful graph on the app). 


Google Flights

I always thought that using Google to find flights was dumb, mostly because I thought they would only show me the overpriced flights. However, Google flights has been great for finding cheap flights, and makes it easy to anyone who doesn’t want to use a  booking search sites for comparison. 

What I like about Google Flights: I am a huge fan of their map! If I put I am going to Norway, it shows me a map of the country with the different prices of each city. So instead of going directly for a specific city, it shows me which city is cheaper to fly into. 


I also like how it gives me advise on how to make certain flights cheaper, which is also very helpful when booking a flight. 



If you are looking for cheap hotels or entertainment, this is the place to look into. Travel Zoo offers different discounts to a variety of countries. Whether you are going to Mexico or Las Vegas, Travel Zoo shows you some great deals. 


What I like about Travel Zoo: I like how organized it is and how easy it is to find deals. 



If there is one website/app I use the most, it is Groupon. I have found so many deals on Groupon and have gotten to see so many things thanks to Groupon. This isn’t only for travel deals, but they also have deals on products, activities and so much more. So far through Groupon, I’ve gotten free admission to 3 different museums, $3 airport parking for 3 days, $7 for a meal for 2, a haunted ghost tour for $12 and so much more. I tend to get $10 off of Groupon and these definitely have helped save money. 


What I like about Groupon: They send me $10 off on a monthly basis, I get some amazing deals and I save a lot of money on different activities. 



This app is wonderful! It will allow you to watch a certain flight and alert you when prices go down. It also allows you to see the prices for the few next months and will advice you whether you should buy it now or later. 


What I like about Hopper: The calendar is color coded – meaning it shows you the different prices by colors. Green = cheaper, red = more expensive. It also notifies me when airline tickets are cheaper. 

These are just a few of my favorite apps/websites for finding affordable travel and activities. There’s plenty of apps that are just as helpful, so look around and see what fits with your lifestyle and needs. If you are a working traveler (meaning you travel for work), then check out Apps of the Week for the Working Travel to improve your travels. 


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**Please note that some of these links may be affiliate links, but as always all opinions are my own.**

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