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Nov 16-22 | Travel Apps of the Week

November 16, 2014 2 min read

That’s right, it is that time of the week again. Apps, apps, apps and more apps. Here’s for all the app obsessed people like me – travel and food apps that are worth using.



Hotels CombinedThis app is simple to use and also very useful. It allows you to compare prices from different booking sites giving you the lowest price. If you would like to save some money, this is the app to use. Available in iOS and Android.



Triposo – If you are a guide fanatic, this travel app will give you all the guides you need. All you need to do is search for the place of interest and download the guide. Once you download the app, you are able to see the cities, national parks, islands and any other information you may need before traveling. Available in iOS and Android.



World Around Me (WAM) – Through the use of a camera, you are able to find different places around you. Need a restaurant or to find a gas station around you? WAM will help you. You can also see more information on the chosen restaurant and such. Available in iOS and Android.



KOAIf you like camping, then you will definitely like this app. This app will show you KOA camping locations that offer basic tent sites and cabin lodges. Available in iOS and Android.



Foodspotting – Want to see which restaurant has the best dishes? What others are eating? Foodspotting will not only show you great restaurants around your area, but also what foods are popular among foodies. Available in iOS and Android.

There’s plenty of great travel and food apps out there, so keep your eyes peeled! 


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