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Where to Stay in Miami on a Budget

January 19, 2017 3 min read

Something that I am very thankful for is the fact that I NEVER have to pay for a hotel in Miami. My parents, my friends and even my sibling still lives there, which is why it is pointless for me to need a hotel. Since I don’t spend money on hotels and I have family there, it’s easy for me to go back to my hometown anytime. However, not everyone is as fortunate as I am. People wanting to visit Miami have to stay somewhere and this can be quite difficult, especially in a city with expensive hotels. Although, the cheapest hotel I found ranged from $112 to $300 (pricing also affects what area you are looking into and when you are booking), there are other alternatives than staying in a hotel. If luxury doesn’t matter to you and you are not picky at all, then consider staying at an Airbnb rental or a hostel.

These ideas may have crossed your mind, but don’t disregard these ideas. If the hotels in Miami are as nice and luxurious as they look, then you know the hostels are not going to disappoint. Take it from someone who has been to at least a few hostels in Miami (mostly just to party!).

Here are a few of my recommendations based on the atmosphere, location and overall amazing staff.

1. Freehand Miami

I ended up going to Freehand with a really good friend, who thought I might enjoy this place (I did!). When we went, it wasn’t that easy to find parking and when we did, we had to walk a few blocks. At first sight, Freehand looks like any typical building on the corner, but once you start walking in the whole atmosphere of the place changes. With its vibrant colors and homey atmosphere, this place is definitely very inviting. On top of that, Freehand has an outdoor pool and a patio adorned with stringed lights, quirky chairs, and murals. There is also a bar outside known as the Broken Shaker, which creates some unique and delightful drinks. Since this has quickly become one of Miami’s most popular hostels, a lot of tourists hang around the place, which is in my opinion a great way to meet travelers.

As for the rooms? Well they have a variety of options from King sized beds to shared rooms (it is a hostel after all). Their prices depends on when you book, but looking at accommodations in August for Freehand is about $25 for a shared room and $100 for a King Sized bed in a non-shared room.

2. SoBe Hostel & Bar

I love the look of this place – it is very modern and stylish. It also has this neat chalk area in the main area, where people chalk up their best drawings. They have a great staff and bar as well as some great amenities, such as the free wi-fi and from what I’ve heard free breakfast (don’t quote me on that one though). Like Freehand, this place is also a good place to hang out.

As for the rooms? Well they have all shared rooms ranging from about $20 and up.

3. Posh South Beach

This place reminds me of a big modern house with military bunks. Okay, so I don’t know exactly what military bunks look like except for what I see on TV, but it mostly resembles that. Though it is not so much of a party location like Freehand, Posh does offer complimentary drinks at night and complimentary fitness classes. On top of that, it is in the center of all the cool places to check out in Miami such as the clubs, beaches and shops!

As for the rooms? Rooms go from $30 and up (depending when you stay of course!). It might be cheaper, but those are the prices I got for mid August.

Miami can truly be a good experience, if you know where to stay. Having options such as these hostels makes traveling that much simpler and affordable. So don’t disregard the hostels, you might end up liking your experience in one!

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