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Travel the World with Non-Profits

September 20, 2015 Hanny 2 min read No Comments

As a lover of travel and non-profits, I have learned that volunteering while traveling is not a bad thing. With so many programs available that allow me to volunteer abroad, I am able to make a difference in the world, while I get to travel to another country.

Although, I have yet to volunteer abroad for a non-profit, I have found a few good places to look for good volunteering opportunities and wanted to share a few of these findings.



Volunteer Forever

When I was searching for volunteer opportunities, I came across Volunteer Forever, which not only gives you a list of volunteer places abroad, but also gives you the rating and the tools to raise money for volunteering abroad.




If you are unsure if volunteering abroad is right for you, then GoAbroad is the place to go to. Offering different programs abroad, you are able to choose between studying abroad, interning abroad, teaching abroad or volunteering abroad. GoAbroad has a great list of places to go to and programs abroad.



International Volunteer HQ

I’ve heard good things about International Volunteer HQ, especially in regards to the amount of support you receive from them while you are volunteering abroad. They offer volunteer training, the registration fee is refundable (In case you change your mind) and it seems affordable.




This one isn’t really volunteering abroad, but I found this site to be a great way to give without having to travel. The best part about this site is that it is easy to pick the country and cause you are passionate about.

Have you ever volunteered abroad and if so what program did you use?


photo credit: FMSC Distribution Partner – Haiti
photo credit: DSC04742 via photopin (license)
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