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My Top 8 Favorite Russian & Ukrainian Sweets

January 7, 2018 2 min read

For Christmas, I did the 2017 Reddit Gift Exchange and received an awesome bag full of Russian and Ukrainian sweets. My Secret Santa was very thoughtful with their gift and got me my favorite – International treats. For those who didn’t read my last post on my last Reddit Gift, I thought this year wouldn’t be as good, but clearly I was wrong. 

So from a whole bunch of candy, here are a few of my top favorites. 

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Top 8 Favorites

1) Wawel Mieszanka Krakowska 

This candy made it into my Russian and Ukrainian bag of sweets, even though it is said to be a Polish sweet. Anyhow, this candy definitely makes it into my list. This delicious chocolate has jelly filling ( my favorites were the strawberry and cherry jelly). 

2) Roshen Mont Blanc

This amazing chocolate comes from the Ukrainian manufacturer Roshen. What I like about this sweet is that it combines two types of chocolate with a praline glazed case filled with roasted sesame seeds, crushed hazelnuts and tender chocolate cream.

3) Romashka

When I bit into the chocolate I wasn’t too sure what it contained, but I loved the filling. It wasn’t until later on that I found out this chocolate contained Creme brulee fondant filling with cognac, vanilla and rum aroma. This also comes from a Ukrainian manufacturer. 

4) Roshen Konafetto

I tried two different ones and loved both. The Roshen Konafetto is a chocolate covered wafer roll with either a nut cream filling or a milk cream filling (these were also the ones I tried).

5) Yuzhnaya Noch (Southern Night) 

I don’t know what it is about this chocolate, but it is delightful. Filled with fruit marmalade, this Ukrainian sweet has a delicious fruity taste. 

6) Roshen Choco Milky Splash

If you like toffee, this is the candy to try. This toffee candy is filled with chocolate, making it a wonderful treat. So if you like chocolate and toffee, you’ll like this candy. 

7) Roshen Slivki-Lenivki Toffee

This was another toffee candy, but what I liked about this one was the delicious chewy texture. Another great candy by Roshen. 

8) Slivki-Lenivki

Not to get it confused with number 7. The one I’m talking about is the wafer treat. This delicious treat is a five layer  wafer with four layers of creamy milk filling, covered in milk chocolate. 


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My top 8 favorite

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