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Exploring Tybee Island’s Attractions

June 1, 2018 Hanny 3 min read No Comments

The first time I went to Savannah, I spent my time roaming around the Savannah Historic District. My time in Savannah was fun, but at that time I did not know that there was more to explore.

This time around, I went to one of Georgia’s best-kept secret, Tybee Island. About 18 miles away from the Savannah Historic District, Tybee Island offers a lot of activities for anyone looking to be near the beach. Whether it is to go swimming or simply to visit the fort, Tybee Island has plenty to do. 



Tybee Island Light Station and Museum

DSC 0221

One of the first things my husband and I did in Tybee Island was to go to Tybee Island Light Station and Museum. This beautiful Light Station guided ships safely into the Savannah River for nearly 300 years before it was converted into a museum. Before heading to the lighthouse, we made our way into the first cottage we saw.

The first cottage we saw was that of the head keeper.  Before the Lighthouse was converted to electricity in 1933, three keepers were required to man the Light Station. So the three keepers lived near the Lighthouse so that they could make frequent trips to the top of the Lighthouse carrying fuel. There was the head keeper, 1st assistant keeper and 2nd assistant keeper, and each keeper had their own cottage. Aside from the cottages, there was also a summer kitchen and in the 1930s a gift store was built.  

The Light Station definitely has a lot of history, and walking around the cottages gave me a glimpse as to the living conditions back then. We then decided to go up the Tybee Lighthouse, which was a workout! There are 178 steps to the top, which I was definitely not expecting. Especially, since the three keepers would make frequent trips to the top. 

However, the 178 steps to the top was definitely worth it, once I got to see the gorgeous view. 

After walking down 178 steps, we made our way across the street to see the Tybee Island Museum. The museum is housed in Fort Screven’s Battery Garland. There was plenty to see, from the DeSoto Hotel Memories to the amusement park exhibit. Here, I got to learn more about Tybee Island’s early military history as well as early history that includes Native Americans, Pirates and English Settlement.

The history was interesting, but the best part? The observation deck. Here, I got to see the Atlantic Ocean as well as the mouth of the Savannah River. I also had a wonderful view of the Light House. 


Fort Pulaski

DSC 0280

This beautiful fort was named for Brigadier General Casimir Pulaski, a Polish man who fought alongside George Washington. Fort Pulaski was a Confederate stronghold until the Union forces took over. Fort Pulaski was a wonderful experience and I got to see the cannons! During the weekend there are cannon firings, which is always great to see. The fort has many different areas to walk into and exploring this place was so much fun. This is definitely a place for couples as well as for families with little ones. 

This is also a popular place for field trips and anyone who is a history buff. 


Tybee Island Marine Science Center

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to see this attraction, but I hear good things about this one. Not only is this a great place for families to visit, but it is conveniently located behind the pier around the beach. If I do ever go back to Tybee, this will probably be the first attraction I visit. 

There’s plenty to do in Tybee Island. From Wine Festivals to Paddleboarding, this place is full of wonderful attractions and activities. 


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Credit: I did receive complimentary passes to all the attractions from Visit Tybee Island, but as always all opinions are my own. 

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