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A Look Inside The Minion Cafe at Universal Orlando

June 30, 2023 3 min read

As many of you may know by now, I have an annual pass to Universal Studios Orlando. This means I’ve been able to check out all the awesome things this theme park has. From Dr. Seuss to Jurassic Park, Universal Orlando has become one of my favorite theme parks, and I cannot wait to see everything else coming soon (Super Nintendo World Anyone?). While we are still waiting for Super Nintendo World, Universal Studios Orlando did open Minion Land, which is packed with so much cuteness!

I don’t know about you all, but I absolutely love the Minion movies and was so excited to finally see this in person. While I did walk through Minion Land, I wanted to talk more about The Minion Cafe. This awesome spot is just full of color and life, and the food was quite delicious too.

img 8065

Inside The Minion Cafe

The first thing you’ll notice when walking inside the Minion Cafe is how colorful it is inside. Most of the interior is a bright yellow with blue walls. The chairs are a mix of blue and red depending on what section of the cafe you go into, and at the center of the cafe is a big minion with all sorts of dishes around it.

img 8070

Ordering and Waiting

The doors to the cafe open at 10:30 am, which is the time I went. There was already a bit of a line forming, but not a lot of people were waiting to get inside, which was nice. To make the process even faster, one of the staff members told us that we could order online, and once we got our table, we would then scan the table code and they would bring the food out to us. Ordering online was the best option and one I will continue using in the future. Overall, I did not wait long at all, which was surprising since this is such a new place!

Minion Cafe

The Interior

Okay, now this place is the cutest. Universal Studios Orlando did such a great job with the decor. I was so impressed with every corner of the cafe. It looks exactly how I imagined a Minion Cafe would look. There are different sitting areas – The dining room, the break room, the kitchen, and the rock n’ roll area. My favorite decorations were the vending machine and the lockers.

Minion Cafe
One of the first things you see when you walk into the cafe
Minion Cafe
All of the cute kitchen gadgets and the bananas…
Minion Cafe
This was in the breakroom area. Love the details!
img 8295
You gotta love the Refrigerator Etiquette and Microwave rules
img 8100
This vending machine is so funny. Its all the things the minions would use and bananas
Minion Cafe
They even have a minion fooseball table in the break room area
img 8293
This is in the rock n’ roll section of the cafe

Food and Drinks

Minion Cafe

I didn’t try everything on the menu, so I can’t speak about the other dishes just yet, but the one I had was quite delicious. I went with Carl’s Crispy Cauliflower, which is a nice vegan option. This dish has crispy cauliflower florets with sweet & spicy chili sauce, coconut blue rice, Thai cucumbers, and edamame. While the salt did need more salt or some sort of seasoning, the rest of the dish was quite flavorful! The Crispy Cauliflower did not disappoint and they were also not greasy, which is great. I added a bit of the sweet & spicy chili sauce to the rice, giving it a lot more flavor.

Minion Cafe

The next thing I had was the PX-41 Punch, which is a lemonade with bright flavors of strawberry and kiwi, with Evil Minion-colored topping and Blue Raspberry Pop Rocks. This drink was decent. It really wasn’t anything special aside from how pretty it looked. Overall the topping was flavorless, so I ended up mixing it with my lemonade and created some sort of milkshake with it. I didn’t like that the drink came with so much ice in my drink.

The Minion Cafe was definitely worth a visit and as for the price, I found it reasonable for what I ate. If you find yourself in the area, make sure to stop by the Minion Cafe and enjoy this vibrant cafe.

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  • Haemi @ Borderless Comfort August 22, 2023 at 5:18 am

    Hey Hanny

    I found you on pinterest
    I had to reach out

    I love minions
    It seems like a lovely place to visit

    Those dishes looks good

    Keep sharing

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