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20 Things to Do When You Are Stuck at Home

March 24, 2020 5 min read

The year 2020 has not been a pleasant one so far and to make matters worse, most everyone is stuck at home due to the COVID-19.

As the virus keeps spreading, more and more countries are mandating that people stay home in quarantine. Even though most places have not been put on lockdown as of yet, many companies have started to encourage employees to work from home.

So for those of you who are stuck at home, you are not alone. We all seem to be stuck in this horrible situation, which has affected millions.

Now even though you may be home safe, it does not mean you have to be bored. There are so many things you can do while you’re home, but to get you started here are 20 things you can do.

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Watching Puffs on BroadwayHD

20 Things to Do When You Are Stuck at Home

Take a virtual tour of museums

Thanks to Google Arts & Culture app, it is easier than ever to take a virtual tour of museums from around the world. If you’ve ever wanted to go to Versailles, well now you can!

It may not be the same as actually being there, but it helps plan for any future trips.

Read a book

If you haven’t had a chance to read lately, then why not start now? You have plenty of time.

I’ve been working on a book challenge, where I need to read 48 books in one year. This has been such a great motivator and has helped me read more. Perhaps starting a challenge of your own will help you get started!

Start a blog

There’s so much to talk about, so why not? If you’ve been wanting to start a blog, I have several posts on blogging and tips that will help! I would start with this post, which teaches you how to get started!

Take a virtual cooking class

There’s plenty of virtual cooking classes you can join. One in particular that stands out is the one by a Nonna in Italy, who teaches you to cook Italian food.

Another good one is the class by Life at the Table that offers a free class as well as other virtual classes that are live and chef-led classes.


Being in quarantine can be such a bummer, especially when you can’t make it into your favorite barre class or the gym. The good news is that many of the studios are going virtual! So you can take one of their classes, you can also find video classes on ClassPass and many on YouTube.

You can even find some on Netflix as well! So there’s no excuse to not work out.

Learn a new language

One of my favorite apps to use for learning a new language is Duolingo. It’s been easy for me to learn German and the best part is that I can learn two languages at the same time and I do not pay to learn!

Catch up on TV shows

Take this time to catch up on shows! I have a list of shows I watch and haven’t had a chance to catch up until now.

Spring clean

Might as well clean the house, while you are in it. Take time to clean your closet and perhaps donate the items you do not need.

Start a podcast

Starting a podcast is so simple! You do not need fancy equipment to get started. One good way of starting is by using Anchor, which lets you start a podcast from your phone!

Write a book

Have you ever thought about writing a book? Well, now is your chance! With so much time available, you should be able to start.

Play video games

You could also play video games and to make it even better, play with friends! Many of the systems have the ability to play with other people.

Checkout subscription boxes

I love subscription boxes and have found some good ones! Such as The Wordy Traveler and TokyoTreat. Most of these are still shipping, so go get yours!

Talk to people via video chat

Just because you can’t see people or meet up with them, does not mean you can’t still stay connected. We live in a wonderful world full of technology! Use it and contact your friends via FaceTime, Skype, Facebook etc…

Plan out your year

If you are a content creator, this is the perfect time to plan out your year. Sure, we don’t know how long the quarantine may last, but having a plan will help once we are out of quarantine.

If you’re not a content creator and don’t necessarily need to plan out your year, it’s still a good idea for anyone looking to travel in the future or wanting to attend an event.

Travel via VR

What would we do without Virtual Reality. The best thing is that you can travel by putting on a pair of VR goggles. If you don’t have the googles just use the box cutout for VR. There are many apps that offer VR, but I usually just stick to the VR trips offered in Google Arts & Culture.

Get certified

There are plenty of ways to get a certification online, so why not take this time to do just that? Not only will you have a certification, but it will look good on the resume.

A few places to find free certification and courses :

Start a business

This is a good time to start a business. No, I am not talking about buying hand sanitizer in bulk and then jacking up the price (that’s just wrong), I am talking about a real business.

Do you like teaching others how to cook? Start your own virtual cooking class. Do you like knitting? Make some cute hats and sell it on Etsy.

Take up a hobby

If you’ve never had the chance to sit and enjoy a hobby or don’t even have one, now is a good time to find one!

Start a Youtube channel

You can definitely start a Youtube channel. All you need is to be creative! It can be a cooking channel, makeup channel or you could make it into a documentary showing life under quarantine.

Watch Broadway Shows

Thanks to BroadwayHD, you can now watch broadway shows! They have some great shows such as Les Mis, Cats and they also have Puffs (if you’re a Harry Potter fan!)

Have an idea on what to do during quarantine? Share it in the comments below!

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Things to do when you are at home
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  • Lewis Payne May 20, 2021 at 11:08 am

    For the last five days, I was in the home for lock down. I felt bored & choppy because stuck home all day long is not easy. And I fell into depression. After reading your article, I started virtual tours, Virtual training and joined a cooking class. Now I have a daily work schedule & I am successful in overcoming depression. Thanks for sharing this valuable article.

    • Hanny May 20, 2021 at 12:20 pm

      That’s wonderful! I’m glad to read that my post helped.

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