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The 8 Chinese Snacks You Should Try

January 30, 2020 2 min read

One of the benefits of having traveling parents is that they always remember to bring me something (even if they didn’t I still love them, so it’s nice that they think of me when they travel!)

This time around they went to China for a whole month and brought me a few snacks they collected on their journey.

Some of the treats were delicious and some others were kind of odd, but overall I think everyone should at least try them at least once.

So here are the 8 Chinese snacks to try.

Chinese Snacks

Median Green Soda Biscuit (Spinach Flavor)

Chinese Snacks

One of my favorites. This tastes like a regular butter cracker with a spinach flavor. Has bits of spinach in it and anyone who likes spinach will probably like this.

Hand Tearing Dried Tofu

Chinese Snacks

I’m not a fan of eating tofu by itself, but I did enjoy the taste of it. However, I did not like the texture. It was chewy and it just felt gross in my mouth.

Okashi Grilled Squid Potato Cracker

Chinese Snacks

It’s a nice thin cracker. It’s sweet when you first bite into it, but then you get a fishy taste at the end. Great for anyone who likes squid, but as someone who does not like Seafood, I will pass on this one.

Milk Flavor Cake (Biscuit Food)

Chinese Snacks

Like a regular sweet cracker. Tastes like vanilla, but says it’s milk flavor. Very nice taste and texture.

Ameria Milk Flavor

Chinese Snacks

If you have ever had ladyfingers, these taste exactly like that. These are nice and sweet, and the texture was great as well.

Xylitol Biscuit

Chinese Snacks

Tastes like a delicious vanilla biscuit to me. The taste was nice and sweet, and it’s a great biscuit to pair with some tea.

Original Flavor Sunflower Seeds

img 7619 scaled e1580269843556

These are really good! They are sunflower seeds that are coated on the outside to give them an extra crunch.

Caramel Biscuits

img 7616 scaled e1580269933450

Tastes like biscoff cookies. There’s no caramel on the inside but the flavor is very nice and sweet.

Overall, all the snacks I got were really good except for the squid and tofu. However, for anyone who loves squid and tofu, you may really enjoy these two snacks.

If you’d like to see my reaction to each one of the snacks and hear what I have to say about each one, check out my Youtube video.

Anyone else ever try Chinese snacks? What was your favorite?

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