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15 Photos That Will Inspire You to Travel to Greece

July 10, 2017 3 min read

Greece is such a wonderful place to visit. Even though the economy is not so great, the view and culture is just breathtaking. So as a lover of Greece, here are 15 photos that will inspire you to travel to Greece.


2012 03 04 18.24.31

One of the first few things I did when I arrived to Greece was explore Athens. Being that Athens is the capital and I knew more of its history, I decided that it should be the first city I visit in Greece. Well, I’m glad Athens was my first city, especially with the spectacular view I got to see!


2012 03 04 00.18.59

Walking around the city of Athens was a true treat. Not only did I get to experience the Greek culture, but I also got to try some delicious treats – Baklava, Yiaourti me meli and Portokalopita to name a few. The people were quite friendly and welcoming. From store owners to waiters, they all made the experience amazing. Walking around at night did not feel unsafe because there was just so much going on – people shopping, live music in some of the restaurants and people like me exploring the beauty of Athens.

2012 03 04 18.37.48

During my time in Athens, I went to Acropolis. If you go to Athens and do not visit Acropolis, you are missing out! Not only are you missing out on a huge piece of Greek history, but you would also be missing out on the amazing view!

2012 03 04 18.45.04

My time in Acropolis gave me an amazing view of Greece. If you are huge on photography, then this is definitely a place you want to see, especially since you get to see the city of Athens.

IMG 0664 2

I went during a time where it wasn’t too cold nor too hot, the weather was just right. It was also not too crowded, which was great for all my photos!

IMG 0040 2

Of course I wouldn’t leave without a photo of Parthenon. This beautiful structure is just as gorgeous in person as it is in photos (even better in person!). After hearing the history behind Acropolis, seeing this in person was just a dream come true. History is always better when there’s a visual!


2012 03 04 19.29.48

Another thing I did while I was in Greece was to go on a tour bus. Tour buses are not for everyone, but I feel like it’s a great way to learn about the history, especially when you have passionate people guiding you. (On a side note: Anyone ever see My Life in Ruins? I seriously thought of that movie while on the tour bus).

Anyways, while on the bus I passed a bunch of orange trees! Walking by the trees, you can smell the fragrance of the bitter oranges.

2012 03 04 19.08.38

Another great place to see is Socrates Prison. I am huge on philosophers so when i saw this sign, I got super excited. If you follow the sign, you will find a bunch of jail cells carved into bedrocks.

IMG 0058

This beautiful church is the Church of Agios Dimitrios Loumbardiaris. Located close to Socrates Prison, you can find both of these around the Philopappus Hill.

IMG 0078 2

On my tour, I got to see many different buildings, but one that captured my attention was the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. This building was designed by Danish architect Christian Hansen.

2012 03 04 22.32.40

After my lovely tour, I decided to go explore the city some more and found myself looking at a Greek island.

2012 03 04 22.39.42

During my walk around, I found a marina full of beautiful boats. What I loved most about my visit to the marina was the fact that you could see the Greek islands, which made my view of the boats even more amazing.

IMG 0087 2

Athens, Greece has so much to offer. From delicious desserts to amazing sights, there is so much to do and so much to try.

IMG 0081 2

IMG 0071

Last, but not least is this beauty, the Hellenic Parliament Building. This building overlooks the Syntagma Square and was one of the buildings introduced in the tour I took.

Greece is full of beauty, has great culture and some delicious food. If you haven’t considered Greece as a go-to destination, you should. If money is an issue, here is a helpful post about discounts and transportation around Greece.

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