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Get up to 110 Dollars with Airbnb

September 24, 2016 No Comments

Airbnb has become the most used accommodation marketplace among travelers.  It is so well known that whenever I speak to other travelers, it often comes up in conversation. So far I have heard nothing but good reviews from my fellow travelers.

sure, as any other program, it’s not completely perfect and therefore has gone through issues. However, it’s a great alternative for anyone who doesn’t like hotels and prefers the comfort of a home.

As someone who sees Airbnb beneficial and an in-between hostel and hotel, I thought I would share with you their amazing referral.  When you invite a friend through email, they receive $35 to use at an Airbnb. Once they use the $35, then you receive a $35. If your friend decides to host, you receive $75. If they do both, you receive $110. How cool is that??

The best part is that if you often use Airbnb or your friend does, then it is no inconvenience at all. I love referral programs because it allows me to make money from something I love and it also helps my friends make money as well.

If interested in getting $35 for your stay, here is my link.

Don’t forget to invite your friends!



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