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Get Free Money for Your Travels! 

May 24, 2017 3 min read

Someone once told me, “Nothing in life is free.”  Well I beg to differ, but I believe that it is possible to find free stuff, including free money!  Now when I say free money, I am talking about $1-$5, I’m not talking about millions of dollars, but when you are trying to save up for a big trip, every cent counts.

Right now,  I’ve been trying to save up money for my very late honeymoon, and as I’ve been saving, I’ve noticed a few places that give free money. Of course, these places ask for referrals, but what’s the harm in that? If the product is free and referring someone is free, why not? So as someone who loves good deals and free stuff, here are a few companies that will give you free money for signing up.

1. Qapital

This is how I’ve been saving for my honeymoon. You can set this app anyway you would like to, but the way I have mine set up is that for every dollar spend, it will round up the amount and put the rest in Qapital. It is a free app and there have not been any fees for me. If you use this link to join, you will get $5 and it will also add $5 to my Honeymoon fund.

2. Peopleperhour

If you are a freelancer, then this is the website to join. Peopleperhour is a community that allows freelancers find work. From posting hourlies to looking through a list of jobs, this is a great way to make money. Right now, if you sign up using my link, you will get a $25 voucher. It may not be useful for your travels, but if you need something done for your business, this voucher will come in handy.

3. Ibotta

I love this app! Everytime I go grocery shopping, I get money back! The best part is that when you join using my link, you will get $10 bonus once you redeem your first rebate. I redeemed a $1.25 candy bar the first time and ended up getting $10.25 ($10 bonus and the $0.25 rebate). I’ve already managed to take out $25 with this app and every cent I make on this app goes directly to my travels.

4. Mercari

Since I travel a lot, I tend to sell a lot of my stuff because I’ve either outgrown them or I just don’t need them. If you need to sell items or are looking to buy items for a cheaper price, then this is the place to join. Of course, before you join, use my code “TERRSP” to receive $2. It’s better than nothing right?

There are so many ways to make money and referrals are something I recommend looking into. If there is a site, an app, or a membership you want to join, look into their referral program. Ask around if someone can invite you and get that free money! Remember, it doesn’t hurt to join if the service is free.

Is there a referral you recommend? Any you think I would like to join? Drop your referrals in the comment below!

*Disclaimer: All of these sites have referral links on them, I do make some money out of it for my travels.
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