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Travel Store Now Opened in Etsy!

February 17, 2015 1 min read

For a while, I thought about opening a store. I wanted to do something with travel, but I wasn’t too sure what that would consist of.

I wanted to share with others some of the beautiful things I would see during my travels, but I also wanted to personalize it and make hand crafted items. That’s when I thought about buying fabrics and making camera straps.


I am a photographer, who enjoys capturing moments and documenting my travels, but I also wanted people like me to carry travel around with them, so what better way than to make camera straps with fabrics from Peru.

For now I only have a few straps and other miscellaneous items, but hopefully as my store continues to grow, I will be able to add Pillows, more bracelets and other things I can make using Peruvian fabrics and fabrics from other places.


So go check out my store and don’t forget to use the promo code: TRAVELJUNKIEBLOG for a 10% discount on all items $8.00 and up. The code will expire by May 1st, so make sure to use it before then.

Thank you for continuously reading my blog and stay tuned for even more adventures, tips, codes and freebies.


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