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Subscription Boxes for the Travel Obsessed Pt. 2

February 18, 2015 2 min read

If you have read my first post regarding subscription boxes, then you know how much I love subscription boxes.

Since my first post, I’ve been looking into more subscription boxes and found plenty of other amazing boxes that lets you travel the world from your home.


1. GlobeIn

This has become one of my favorites (I haven’t even tried them yet!). GlobeIn delivers artisan-made products from around the world, which is why I seem to like them a lot. Although, I haven’t tried them yet, I am hoping to get their subscription box soon and have the same positive experience that many seem to have with GlobeIn.

Price: $35/month

Their price reduces depending on the subscription you get. If you pick a 6 months subscription, you only pay $30/month.


2. Hazel Lane

Hazel Lane allows you to explore the U.S without having to literally travel. Each month, you will receive items from a local artist in a new city. You can pick from three different box sizes and subscription plans.

Price: $46.99 with shipping included (This is for the classic box on a monthly basis).


3. Quarterly

Quarterly has a very unique concept. The company allows you to subscribe to curators and you receive items from them. You receive a new package every three months from the curator of your choice. There are curators for beauty, travel, technology and much more. I have yet to try one of their subscription boxes, but I will definitely be trying the travel curators.

Price: It varies. For the curator of my choice, it will be $50 per package.


4. Batch

This company offers subscription boxes from Nashville, Memphis, Austin and Charleston. Each box includes locally-made items from your chosen city. I’ve never been to any of the mentioned cities, but I will definitely be getting one from Nashville.

Price: $29.99/month + free shipping


5. Candy Japan

If you like candy from Japan, then this is the subscription box to get. You will get 2 subscription boxes in a month full of different Japanese candy. To see the type of candies you will get, visit their site by clicking on their name above.

Price: $25/month + free shipping


6. My Ireland Box

I have always wanted to go to Ireland. So when I found this service, I was excited! Not only do I get items from Ireland, but they are also Irish made crafts.

Price: $24.32/month for the mini


These services are absolutely great for the stay at home traveler, a gift for a travel junkie or anyone who enjoys exploring the world without getting on a plane.

– Hanny

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