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How to Create an Instagram Theme

November 8, 2018 2 min read

When it comes to Instagram, it’s all about the image! The photos you post will affect your followers, your likes and whether or not you get seen by others. Not only do you have to post high quality photos, but you also need a great caption and a theme. 

The theme is what makes your content stand out from others and it also gives your followers an idea of what to expect from your Instagram profile. You can achieve a theme by using presets from Lightroom or filters on Instagram. Either one works, but I prefer to use presets.

If you have no idea how to make your own preset, that’s okay! There’s plenty of bloggers and companies that make presets and will either sell them or give it to you for free. 

[BTEN id=”3734″]

After choosing a preset, it’s not so hard to create a theme. However, one preset won’t work for all photos, so you need a variation of the preset you chose. 

Below are a few examples of my themes. Yes, I said themes…I like to switch it up by seasons.

img 9391

img 9392


As you can see, the first theme has more of a faded blue, while the second theme has more brown to it. There are plenty of themes you can create. Whether you want a red object to be the center of every photo or have a certain color in each photo, you can create this using a scheduling app.

To make sure my colors work and my whole theme works, I use the app – Plann. This app allows me to schedule my posts ahead of time, strategize and see how each post is performing. It’s a great tool for themes. Another app is Planoly, which also allows scheduling posts in advance. 

When you combine scheduling your posts and presets, it makes it easier to have a theme. So if you are wanting a theme, get the app and try experimenting with different presets. 


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