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Fri-YAY Favorites

August 25, 2017 3 min read

Happy Friday everyone!

Although I’m a travel blogger, I have yet to quit my job, so I’m always excited to see Fridays. Not only do I not work during the weekends and I get to explore, but I also get to share some amazing Fri-YAY favorites I’ve found throughout the week. So here’s to my first Fri-YAY post!


Fri-YAY Favorites


Fave #1: Rocket Fizz

Fri-YAY Favorites

Over the weekend, I found this cool little place in Winter Park, Florida. This wonderful candy store can be found around the United States. Rocket Fizz has a variety of candies and produces its own line of soft drinks. What I love about this place is the unique flavors of some of these drinks and the foreign candy! Looking for Green Tea Koala cookies? Look no further, they have all sorts of delicious candy to try.

Fri-YAY Favorites
I bought a few drinks and candies to try, and I do not regret my purchase. Although, I went on the safe side with the drinks (sorry, no Maple Syrup drink for me), I did buy a few questionable candies such as the Tabasco chocolate and the Mexican strawberry candy with chili and salt in it.

Fri-YAY Favorites

This was a pretty cool place to visit and I had so much fun going through all the funny, unique drinks.

Fave #2: What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding 

Fri-YAY Favorites

Okay, so this book I’ve been reading it for some time now, but I’ve never had the chance to write about it. This book is absolutely hilarious and I can definitely relate to some parts of it. Kristin Newman tells her story of what she was doing, while everyone else was – well – breeding. Although I am married, I don’t have any children like some of my friends do and I continue to travel, while people keep breeding. Her story is hilarious, fun to read and definitely a good book.

Fave #3: Skiplagged

Fri-YAY Favorites

I found this a few weeks ago and I am loving this app! Not only have I found good deals, but it is so easy to find cheap fares. So far, I found a trip to Colombia for $250 round trip and a trip to Norway for $322 round trip…How awesome is that?! I definitely recommend this app to anyone looking for a good deal.

Fave #4: JCPenney App

Fri-YAY Favorites

Okay,  I know some of you may be laughing because JCPenney isn’t popular anymore,  but I still find this place to be shoppable. Especially,  since they have Sephora!

Anyways,  JCPenney has a new app and first time users of the app get $10. I used these $10, some discounts and pick up at store options and wound up with 2 shirts for $3! One of them is a Harry Potter shirt.  The best part of the app is that it gives you a selection of coupons and you get to see all the discounts.

Fave #5: Tortilleria La Mexicana

IMG 20170824 181527 889

This delicious Mexican place has some amazing tacos! They are also very much legit. Wanting to discover something different around the area I work in, I decided to do a Google search of good places to eat. Needless to say, this one was on the list. This place is very nicely decorated with Mexican decor and they also had some delicious baked goods.

My Fri-YAY Favorites were great this time around. I’ve had an amazing week full of sales, discoveries and delicious food!

What are your Fri-YAY Favorites?

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