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Fri-YAY Favorites #4

April 13, 2018 4 min read

It’s here once again – Friday! As some one who works a 9-5 job, I am always looking forward to this day. Not only because the weekend is here, but also because I get to share some of my favorite things. So for any foodie lovers, health junkies or any bloggers seeking growth, this post is for you!



Home Chef

I’ll admit, this is my first food subscription and I could not be happier with my experience. Since I am a T-Mobile customer, I received a huge discount for Home Chef along with a $10 gift card. So my first box for two boxes came out to $19.80. This discount was for two meals for two people!

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Anyways, when my box arrived, I received all the ingredients in nice little bags and everything was nicely sealed. The instructions for cooking the meals were easy to follow and the meals were delicious. One of the meals I made was a Korean Pork Noodle Bowl, which both my husband and I enjoyed. 

The best part is that now I know how to make a Korean Pork Noodle Bowl and I didn’t have to spend hours trying to find all the ingredients in the grocery store. If you are wondering if it really feeds to people, well it depends on how much you and the other person eat. While my husband wasn’t too fond of the first meal we tried (it was nothing too fancy), he did love the Korean Pork Noodle Bowl. This dish also seemed to be for more than two people, since we had left overs. 

If you would like to give Home Chef a try, you can also get two meals for two people for the same price I did. The regular price is about $49.80, but with the $30 off you will be able to receive the meals for a total of about $19.80. 

To get the $30 off, please make sure to sign up here. 




I have been recommending this tool to everyone. Upleap helps you grow your Instagram. They do not use fake bots, they do not do like/unlike strategy and they also do not buy likes or followers. I was very skeptical at first because I was required to enter my Instagram login and then Instagram gave me that pop-up of ‘suspicious activity’ notification. However, after a week of using Upleap, it is absolutely safe. 

Upleap uses an Instagram account manager to manage your Instagram. So while you are at work, at the gym or simply taking some time off, the account manager logs in as you and starts to organically grow your following by engaging with others. You can also see that they are engaging with others by looking at your ‘recently liked photos’ tab. 

I absolutely love Upleap and I love the results I got within the week, which was 200 followers! So far I’ve also noticed an increase on likes and more engagement. Upleap also offers anyone wanting to try them out a free 3 day trial before subscribing, which is definitely worth the try! If you would like to try them out (its free for 3 days!) then click here.  Also, I should mention that if you share them on Twitter, you get another 3 days free!



Real Appeal 

I’ve tried different programs to lose weight and failed miserably at most of the programs. I tried diets that were self starving and required me to eat bars everyday. Thing is that I’m a huge foodie. I love to eat food and I don’t think that I should starve myself to lose weight. 

That’s where Real Appeal comes in. I got into this program through my insurance, but it is so much fun and has been very exciting. Every once a week, I meet up with a coach and a support group online (I use their app) and we go over a few goals, some videos and some needed support. After the meet-ups, I feel ready to conquer the world and I make sure to track my meals, when I don’t forget. The best part is that they sent me a whole kit with all the tools I need to succeed. From workout DVDs to a weight scale, they gave me the tools to really change my lifestyle to a more healthy lifestyle. 

These are just a few of my recently discovered favorites and hopefully it helps some of you make decisions on what tools or subscription boxes to use. 


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*Disclaimer: Some of the links on this post are affiliate links, but all opinions are my own. I was not paid or asked to make mention of the companies above. These are all my personal opinions. 

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