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5 Things I have learned on a Morocco Tour

May 20, 2020 2 min read

This year I did something different, I took a virtual tour to Morocco. Thanks to Acanela Expeditions, I got to learn about Morocco, see Morocco and meet the tour guide, who gave us the tour.

Even though doing a virtual tour is nothing like a real tour, it was still very informative and I got to see some places I should visit, when visiting Morocco.

img 9441
Still of virtual tour

During the tour, I also learned about Ramadan and even got Ramadan recipes sent to me. Jamal, the head tour guide of the Morocco tour, had some of these recipes during the tour and guided us through Morocco.

The 5 Things I learned

Although I learned a lot throughout the virtual tour, there were a few things that really stuck out to me about Morocco. Below are the 5 things I have learned on the Morocco tour.

1. Tree Climbing Goats

I never thought I’d hear about tree climbing goats. Sure, goats like to get on top of things and move around, but in Morocco, tree climbing goats is a thing. When visiting Morocco, this is one of the many things visitors get to see – goats perched on the branches of trees.

They don’t climb any tree though, they climb the argan trees, which produce fruit the goats absolutely love.

2. Argan Oil

You’ve probably seen Argan oil in shampoo, but were you aware that the oil comes from a tree? It’s not just any tree. It’s the Argan tree that grows in Morocco, the one that the goats love to climb. The oil comes from the kernels that are in the fruit of the tree.

Morocco Tour
Still of the virtual tour

3. Shades of blue

The city of Chefchaouen is a cute picturesque city with beautiful blue walls. This has become a popular place for many tourists, but have you ever wondered why they chose to paint the walls blue? Well, though there are many suggested reasons, one good reason our guide gave us is that it keeps mosquitos away.

4. Safe for Women

Someone on the virtual tour had asked if Morocco was a safe place for women to travel alone and the answer is yes. According to our guide, the country is very safe and it’s a good spot for women to travel to solo.

5. No cars allowed in the Fes Medina

A Medina is a a community of small cobblestone alleys that have riads, Moroccan lodging and markets. Cars are not allowed in the Medina nor do they fit since the alleys are small.

The virtual tour was great and I got to learn a lot about Morocco. Hopefully when we get back to traveling, I’ll be able to take some time to visit Morocco.

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