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10 Things to do in New York on a Rainy Day

May 28, 2019 Hanny 4 min read No Comments
New York

After spending a whole weekend in New York with sunny skies, my last day was not sunny at all. In fact, on my last day in New York, the sky was gray and rainy. 

As someone who loves to explore, this made me a bit sad because I had plans to visit Central Park, but once I started to see the rain drops, I immediately changed my plans.

What I love about New York is how many different things one can do while it rains. So if you find yourself in this situation and are caught in New York rain, don’t worry there’s plenty to do.

To help you with some ideas, here are 10 things you can do in New York on a rainy day.


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1. Chelsea Market

This is by far one of my favorite places in New York. If you like checking out new things and just exploring, then you will definitely like this place.

As a huge foodie, I find this to be foodie heaven because of all the food here! But also there’s a bunch of different stores to check out. From kitchenware to Asian goods, there’s plenty to do and see here.

While visiting Chelsea Market, I spent a good 2-3 hours just exploring the whole area. I also found some wonderful Artisan goods and got great photos.

2. Go to a restaurant

If you aren’t looking to go anywhere that is crowded, then a restaurant may work for you (unless you aren’t hungry…look at the other options).

During my rainy day experience, I stopped by a restaurant called Good Enough to Eat. This was just a random find and decided to stop in there with the parents to celebrate Mother’s Day. The good thing is that it wasn’t too packed and we didn’t have to wait long. We spent a good 1-2 hours eating and talking. 

3. Macy’s

Macy’s in Herald Square is one of the largest stores I’ve ever seen. I am definitely not a huge shopper, but I love to visit the Macy’s because there’s plenty to just look at and do. They now even have a section called STORY. It is an ever-changing retail concept with a new theme every 6-8 weeks. What makes this section so amazing are the new items you get to discover. 


Broadway show

4. Go to a Broadway show

Another thing I love about New York are the shows! I am huge on Broadway shows and would go everyday if I lived in New York. Broadway shows can be expensive, but you may be able to get them on a discount on certain websites. 

5. Go to a bar

New York has plenty of bars to check out! From themed bars to dive bars, there’s so many of them to explore. If you’re not much of a drinker, that’s alright! There’s a few spots with games in them. 

6. Take a tour of the Federal Reserve Bank

I wish I would have thought of this when I was in New York, but even then my time there was short and I wouldn’t have been able to reserve a tour in advance. Reservations are essential for taking a tour of the Federal Reserve Bank, especially if you want to see the vault. 

The tours are completely free and last an hour. To make reservations to visit the Federal Reserve Bank, you can do so online

You can also visit the museum in the Federal Reserve without needing a reservation. 


DSC 0457

7. New York Public Library

I cannot get over how gorgeous the libraries are in New York. There are plenty of libraries to see in New York, but the one I went to is the New York Public Library – Stephen A. Schwarzman. This beautiful library has so much to offer and I easily spent 1-2 hours exploring this beauty. Each room is decorated differently and they also have a gallery. The best part is that it is completely free to check out. 

8. American Museum of Natural History

Have you ever seen Night at the Museum? Well this is the museum where most of the scenes were filmed. If you are a movie buff, this might something worth checking out. I am by no means a movie buff, but knowing that a movie had been filmed in this museum, really made me want to check out the museum. Plus it is a great way to spend the day in NYC when it rains. 

New York has all sorts of museums, so if this one isn’t your cup of tea, then definitely check out other museums in NYC. 

9. Go indoor rock climbing

When I think of New York, I don’t really think about indoor rock climbing, especially when I can do that where I live, but during a rainy day in New York, it’s not such a bad idea, especially if you want the workout. 

10. One World Observatory

This observatory is located on the 100-102 floors of the One World Trade Center. Here you would be able to get an incredible view of the city. The One World Observatory has different admission prices depending on what you want out of the experience. There’s also exhibits and restaurants, which makes this a good spot to enjoy on a rainy day. 

There’s plenty of places to check out on rainy days, whether its going to the museum or on a tour, its never a bad time in New York when it rains. 


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New York

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