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Exploring Budapest: The Mystery Behind the Anonymous Statue

January 4, 2014 3 min read

When I went on my Milan-Berlin-Budapest adventure for Christmas, I noticed various tourists getting on tour buses, ready to explore the place like real tourists. My family loves going on tour buses, but I prefer to explore and “live” as a local would, which is how I ended up exploring Budapest and finding a curious statue in the Vajdahunyad Castle.

I’m a huge believer that the best things in life are usually free, especially when you’re not spending money on a tour bus. So when I decided to not get on a tour bus during my visit to Budapest. I ended up walking around for some time not knowing exactly where to go.

It was poor planning on my end, especially since I like to make lists of places I’d like to see, but this time I didn’t have that, and I wandered throughout the city admiring every inch of it.

Exploring Budapest: Vajadahunyad Castle

Budapest is known for many things, but one of these things is the many bridges they seem to have. So even when I was walking for what seemed to be miles and miles, I had a beautiful view of the various bridges and the romantic castles. One specific castle that caught my attention was the Vajdahunyad Castle.

Exploring Budapest

The Vajdahunyad Castle was built as part of the Millennial Exhibition of 1896. At first, I thought I had to pay to get in, but when I found out that the admission was free, I made my way into the castle. While admission to the castle’s courtyard is free, there is an entrance fee to visit the Museum of Agriculture residing in Vajdahunyad Castle. I did get a glimpse of the castle’s interior, but as I walked around admiring every detail of the castle, I found myself staring at a statue that looked like a grim reaper.

When I closed in on the mysterious statue, I noticed it had letters carved in the bottom stone. The only thing I could understand from the writing was Anonymvs. While I did not have a list of things to do, I did read up on some things I should look for in Budapest. One of the things recommended to check out was the mysterious statue known as Anonymous. I had an idea there was such a statue, but I was unaware of the location, so you can imagine how happy I was to stumble upon this find.

Exploring Budapest: The Mystery Behind the Anonymous Statue

Exploring Budapest

Anonymvs (latin for Anonymous) was a monk who lived in the 12th century as the notary of King Bela III. He is credited as the writer of the first Hungarian history book, the ‘Gesta Hungarorum.’ This monk is so mysterious that he is referred to as Anonymous.

Below the word Anonymvs, you’ll find the following: Georiosissimi Bela Regis Notarivs, this just means Notary of King Bela in Latin

Why is this statue fascinating?

Not much is known of the monk, except that he was the first writer of the history book and notary of the king, which is why this statue is so fascinating. Plus it is said that touching the monk’s pen will make you a better writer.


Tour buses are great for anyone wanting to learn more about the city, but would I have learned about the mysterious statue inside the castle? I would have perhaps heard more about the castle rather than the statue itself, but this is just my own thought.

Had I taken the tour bus, I would have been riding through a lot of the history, learning about the popular baths and the Gothic romantic appeal of Budapest. It’s all great and I don’t completely avoid the tour buses, but I do think I would have missed a lot more had I not gone on my own adventure.

What are your thoughts? Do you think you would have found this statue by taking the tour bus?


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  • anniemariepeters May 5, 2014 at 12:10 am

    Absolutely! Sometimes the best places are found off the beaten path. Hey, by the way: Did you touch the monk’s pen?

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