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About Me | How I got started

About Me

About Me

How It Started

I started traveling at the age of 3 and since then have collected three different passports full of stamps. From shopping in the Grand Bazaar in Turkey to almost burning down a hotel in Belgium, I have experienced some of my greatest moments abroad.

Along my various trips, I have met people who have inspired me to keep traveling and to never give up on what makes me happy.

Each person I met along the way had similar advice and knowledge to share, but each one agreed on something, to never give up on your passion.

How I’m Doing

Now in my 30’s, traveling has been a mission with the challenges of everyday life getting in the way – school loans, bills, work and other unexpected obstacles, but my passion for traveling keeps thriving and continues to inspire me to live my best life.

My passion has also led me to a world of discounted hotels, last-minute low priced fares and other great deals as well as ways to fund my travels. 

This site is not only about my great adventures, but it is also dedicated in helping passionate travelers such as myself get the best deal ever without breaking the piggy bank.

This site is for those who dream, those who believe and those who want to live their best life, while traveling. 

This world is full of hidden gems that most of us are not aware of, but traveling opens our eyes to more than what we know and it also gives us stories to tell for years. 

This about me page isn’t to show off all of my achievements, but rather to show how much travel means to me and how much of this world I want to share with everyone.

If you want to know about me, know that my passion fuels all of my posts. Here you’ll find tips, stories, reviews and all sorts of things that will help you live a better life traveling. 

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About Me

About Me


Hola! I'm Hanny and I have been traveling since the age of three. Although, I grew up traveling, it wasn't until 2013, when I decided to start a blog. Read More

xoxo Hanny

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