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Work Remotely: Tips, Resources, and Job Ideas

July 6, 2021 5 min read

Ever since the pandemic, more and more people have been quitting their jobs to work remotely. After getting a taste of what it would be like to work from home, I left my office job to work for another company. While I had spent years in my office job, the company was unwilling to work with me and did not allow me to work remotely after the company fully opened.

After months of looking for a remote job, I was contacted one day by my current supervisor, letting me know of a job opening in another department. I almost did not answer that email, thinking that I would eventually get the marketing job that I wanted. However, I went for it because I didn’t see the harm in doing so.

After I hung up with my current supervisor, I remember thinking that this was the job I wanted. I didn’t care if it wasn’t in marketing, it was still doing something I loved to do, and it was for a great company! Well, I ended up getting that job, and now I work for a company that appreciates its employees and wants us all to succeed in what we do.

It may seem complicated to find a remote job, and you may think you need a particular set of skills for a remote position, but honestly, those are all things we seem to tell ourselves because none of these things are true. WE can find a remote job, WE are capable of getting hired for a remote job, and WE do have the skills for a remote position.

Have you ever worked in an office? Most of those skills you’ve obtained from your office job can be remotified. Do you post on Social Media and know how to use hashtags? That can also help with your remote job search.

Work Remotely

Work Remotely Tips

When looking for a remote job, one of the first things I did was to follow Andrea from It’s a Travel O.D. I had started following her before the pandemic because I was considering a remote job in 2019 but didn’t start applying to remote jobs until 2021. I remember seeing her posts about remote jobs and thinking how amazing it would be to have a remote position, but I always talked myself out of applying to one. That is until I got a taste of what it would be like to work remotely.

Tip #1: Follow Andrea from It’s a Travel O.D.

Whether you are constantly on Instagram or like following specific blogs, It’s a Travel O.D. has plenty of resources and recommendations for you. Andrea also offers services such as remotifying your resume, which will help you get your resume ready for all those remote jobs you’ll be applying for.

Another thing I did was look through Linkedin. I had been looking for a job for a few years, but I never thought to look through Linkedin for remote positions until I was serious about working remotely.

Tip #2: Look on Linkedin

It’s easy to find jobs on Linkedin, and it’s also a safer way than most other places (Beware of scammers). All you would need to do is go into the job search portion of Linkedin and enter ‘remote’ as the location. There you will see remote jobs from all around the world. Linkedin is also a great way to connect with people who may have a connection offering a remote position.

Doing these two things already puts you in a better place than before, but you can’t get a remote job if you do not apply to the positions. You can’t just apply to one posting and think you’ll get that one right away. You need to apply at least every day, if possible.

I was applying to 30 positions a day, which I do not recommend, but I was so desperate to get out of my job that I made it a point to apply to 30 positions every single day. I’m still hearing back from companies asking for interviews, which is why I do not recommend 30 a day. However, you need to make sure you are applying.

Tip #3: Try to Apply Everyday

Applying every day worked for me, but for some people applying to 3-5 jobs every other day works. There’s not an exact time or day you need to apply to remote positions. However, it helps to have a routine. Mine was 30 positions a day, if possible, and sure enough, I would find 30 jobs to apply to every day.

Work Remotely Resources

I love following It’s a Travel O.D. on Instagram because there are plenty of posts with resources on them! There’s so many resources, that it just makes it easy to apply to remote jobs. There’s also a job directory on the It’s a Travel O.D. blog, which facilitates the remote job hunt.

Aside from It’s a Travel O.D., there are a few other resources I used in order to help me apply for remote jobs. These are just a few I used.


Work Remotely Job Ideas

There’s plenty of remote postions out there! You can even create your own position, if you run your own business or freelance. Some remote jobs you will find:

  • Content Creator
  • Online Coach
  • Business Development Representative
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Podcast Project Manager
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Consultant
  • Recruiter
  • Data & Reporting Manager
  • Transaction Processor
  • IT Project Manager
  • IT Tech Specialist

There’s plenty of jobs out there that do not require your physical presence in a company building. In fact, if you’re looking to travel, while still mantaining a job, here are a few posts you should read:

If you haven’t already checked out It’s a Travel O.D., Andrea has a wonderful course ‘Land Your First Remote Job‘, which will help get the job of your dreams! I mean who wouldn’t want to work remote and travel around?! The course is $397 and there is a monthly payment option as well.

Disclaimer: Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that I will get a commission for any purchases you may make. However, this does not change my opinion on the product or the pricing.

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    Great tips here!

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