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Why I Travel with my Paper Shoot Camera

March 29, 2022 3 min read

Earlier this month, I received a Paper Shoot Camera. I had seen these cameras around and knew I had to get my hands on one to go with my collection. As someone who loves film cameras, I instantly fell in love with the Paper Shoot Camera.

A camera that is an eco-friendly alternative to the film and disposable cameras, the Paper Shoot Camera doesn’t use film but uses an SD card. That’s right! This camera gives you film-looking photos without having to use actual film.

Paper Shoot Camera

Who is the Paper Shoot Camera for?

The Paper Shoot Camera is for anyone that loves film cameras and is into Lomography.

Lomography is an experimental form of photography using film and old-fashioned, analogue cameras. 

People who aren’t interested in Lomography or have a genuine love for film, may not understand this camera. Some people may look at this and think “I can do this on my phone…” but using a filter and using a camera that shoots actual film photos are quite different. There’s a different feel to it, you don’t know what kind of photo you’re taking until after you see it on the SD card, but when you filter through your phone, it takes all the fun out of having mystery photos.

Aside from film camera lovers, this also makes a great gift for kids and adults with an interest in photography.


Why I Travel with My Paper Shoot Camera?

There are plenty of reasons why I travel with the Paper Shoot Camera. For starters, it’s easy to carry around. Rather than taking my bulky DLSR or bulky Film cameras with me, and taking up space in my purse, I can carry the Paper Shoot Camera, which is a very lightweight, thin camera. It also doesn’t take much space up in my purse.

It uses an SD card! This feature was a big plus for me. Mostly, because I know the hassle of running out of film when using film cameras. However, that’s not the problem you’ll ever run into with this camera. Sure, you could run out of space on the SD card, but it’s easier to replace an SD Card than a film roll.

I don’t have to deal with so many buttons. I absolutely love my other cameras, but one of the things I hate is that many of my cameras have a lot of buttons and features. As someone who shoots manual, I’m constantly adjusting the ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.

Sure, I could use my phone to take the photos, but since I use my phone a lot when traveling – like a GPS, to make calls, to look at apps, and so forth, I tend to run out of battery (I have a tendency of forgetting the portable charger), plus I love the element of surprise. You never really know how the photos will turn out when you are taking them with the Paper Shoot until you look at the SD Card and sometimes those photos are the best!

Paper Shoot Camera

Specs & Features

Below is an infographic of all the things you’ll see with the camera. This camera is quite impressive, especially for being so thin.

Paper Shoot Camera

The Paper Shoot Camera is a great gift to give to another person and also a good camera to add to your collection of cameras. If you’re into Lomography, this is definitely a camera you want to check out. Overall, I’m satisfied with the Photo Shoot Camera and quite impressed with how the photos come out. I also love that you can change the covers (You would need to buy additional ones), and the SD card feature is absolutely the best.

Paper Shoot Camera

Disclaimer: I did receive the camera from Paper Shoot Camera to work on this blog post. However, all opinions are my own

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