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Where to Stay in Santiago, Chile: Your Guide to Finding the Best Hotels in the Capital City

January 4, 2024 5 min read

If Chile is on your upcoming travel itinerary, then make sure to bookmark this guide for the best hotels in Santiago, Chile.

Santiago is the capital and largest city in Chile, situated in Chile’s central valley with a beautiful backdrop of the Andes mountains. Whether you’re looking for an energetic art scene or vineyards, this vibrant city has a lot to offer visitors.

When I first arrived in Santiago, the first thing I noticed was the Andes mountains, and for a moment, I couldn’t take my eyes off the beautiful scenery before me. Santiago also has European influences, which you can see when glancing at the wonderful architecture around the city.

While Santiago is quite a sophisticated and charming city, not all hotels fall into this same category. Some hotels are absolutely impressive with the views of the city and hospitality, and others fall short. But not to worry, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best hotels in Santiago, Chile.

best hotels in santiago chile

Finding the Best Hotels in Santiago

When it comes to Santiago, Chile, it’s not hard to find the best hotels. Sure, you could spend your time seeking out reviews, which is what I would usually do, but as I quite recently learned – not everyone seeks the same when it comes to the best hotels. Some will sacrifice comfort for convenience, and others look for free breakfast instead of wifi connectivity.

It is all about taste, and while I do consider reviews when making my decisions on the best hotel, I do extensive research, going as far as watching Youtube videos, and TikTok videos, and asking other travel bloggers about their experience. Luckily for me, when I went to Santiago, I ended up in one of the best hotels. Not only did it have an amazing view of the mountain, but the rooftop pool was quite impressive and the breakfast was delicious.

Tip: If you’re flexible with your travel dates, you can find a 4-star hotel for less than $80 a night.

best hotels in santiago chile

Home Away from Home Hotel

Looking for a space that feels more like home while also having the basic amenities? Well, that’s what I got and more at the Suite by Time. While this is recognized as a hotel, the rooms are apartments that make it feel a lot more like a home. My suite had one bedroom, a sofa bed, a 32″ Full HD, open plan kitchen, a desk, and a terrace with the most beautiful view of the Andes Mountain. It also had a rooftop pool, which I knew nothing about until the last day of my stay.

photo output 1

The rooftop pool was quite impressive and the Andes mountain view made it even better. The breakfast was also included and it was excellent. They had a variety of bread, fruits, ham and cheese, and more. Aside from being comfortable, this was one of the best hotels I had stayed in compared to the ones I’ve stayed in abroad.

Modern Luxury with a View

I absolutely love a hotel with a great view, which is why Icon Hotel is next on this list. This modern 4-star hotel reminds me of the hotels I’ve seen in Miami. The rooftop pool is quite posh with its poolside furnishings, and they have quite a list of amenities they offer. Aside from the rooftop pool, they also offer an indoor pool, a fitness center, a business facility, 24-hour security, and different modes of transportation and the hotel is also close to a few shopping plazas.

This is a great spot for anyone who loves modern luxury (and if you love Miami…this is the hotel for you).

Lodgings Ideal for Outdoor Adventurers

There are several lodgings I could recommend, but none of them are in Santiago. Many of the good cabins and lodges reside outside of Santiago away from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, there is a place that has a bit of an outdoorsy vibe perfect for the outdoor adventurer.

The Place Live & Meet has an urban look, but the surroundings are full of greenery and the hotel itself has a rustic charm. Many of the rooms have a large window allowing natural light to come in and the common areas are decorated with plants. This may not be a lodging or a cabin, but any outdoor adventurer will appreciate the space, especially when so many of the hotels are vastly different from The Place.

While you do need to pay for the continental breakfast, should you wish to eat at the hotel, there are other basic amenities free of charge. Plus they are also pet-friendly, and offer free parking for those with a car.

Cool and Artsy Hideaway

If you’re looking for an artsy escape from everyday life, then check out Hotel Luciano K. This boutique hotel does a great job of incorporating the antique with art deco designs. You’ll see paintings in the suites, paintings in the restaurant, and a beautiful, colorful tile floor outside on the patio. If that’s not enough to convince you, this hotel is located in a historic building from the 1920s and the surroundings have even more beautiful architecture and design.

There is also a sauna, a spa, a pool, a bar, and all the basic amenities as well. The breakfast is included, and quite impressive serving yogurt, fruits, cereal and so much more.

You Should Know: Breakfast in Chile is quite different from some of the breakfasts in the US. A lot of the ingredients in the food in Chile are quite natural/organic. You can taste the difference and its something you will experience quite a bit when you travel through South America.

img 5840 1

Things to Know When Choosing the Best Hotel

  • Take into consideration the extra costs. I usually like to pick hotels with breakfast included so that I do not have to spend money on breakfast. If you’re using a rental, you may want to consider a hotel with free parking.
  • When booking, I usually book with a third-party company such as Expedia or Booking rather than going directly to the hotel page. Most of the time it’s due to the free booking cancellation and low rates. Going directly doesn’t hurt, but do your research when booking you’d be surprised to see price differences across different pages for the same hotel.
  • Check the location. While most reviewers will tell you if the location was good or not, I would do some research. I stayed in the area – Las Condes. Actually, most of the hotels listed here are located in Las Condes. This is one of the safest neighborhoods in Santiago, Chile, so if you’re looking for hotels in that area you will be fine.
  • Do not fall for the photos. Hotels do a good job of portraying themselves in the best light, but unfortunately what you see isn’t always what you will get. This is why it’s important to get your information from other people who have stayed at the hotel. When I go to a hotel, I always make sure to take photos and videos to later share on my blog.

There are plenty of hotels that would make the list of best hotels, but these are just some that have stuck out due to their service, breakfast, comfort, amenities, and elegance. Also, most of these will go down to $60 a night depending on when you go.

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  • Sonia January 28, 2024 at 8:28 am

    Thanks for the great summary of hotels. I appreciate that you included the Home Away from Home Hotel. I always prefer to have a kitchen for a longer stay.

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