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Where to find Murals in Lakeland, FL

February 16, 2021 3 min read

Whenever I travel, I always make it a point to visit some beautiful murals. So when I made my way to Lakeland, I took a list of must see murals with me and drove around trying to find them all.

What I didn’t expect was to see more than what was on my list and honestly, I couldn’t be happier with all the extra finds.

Murals not only brighten up a city with the beautiful colors and messages, but they also make such a great backdrop for anyone wanting a new family photo or a new Instagram photo.

It’s also a great way to get outdoors and have fun with the murals and photos!

Murals in Lakeland

Lakeland has become quite popular with visitors due to the amount of murals. Although I didn’t get a chance to see all the wonderful murals around Lakeland, I did get to see quite a few that left an impression on me.

Tobacco Leaf


This here is the Tobacco Leaf painted by artist Gillian Fazio. The mural is inspired by the Mottahedeh China “Tobacco Leaf” design.

You can find this beauty on the side of the Gaines Jewelers building.

Location: 112 S Tennessee Ave, Lakeland, FL 33801

The Shop Across the Street Mural


The next mural is this beauty found on the side of The Shop Across the Street. Aside from having such a cool mural, they also have some neat stuff inside.

Artist: Jenna of Twenty Seven

Location: The Shop Across the Street, 110 W Highland St, Lakeland, FL 33803

Orange Mural


This is another beautiful mural painted by Gillian Fazio. This artist has quite a few around Lakeland and each one is just as beautiful!

The Orange Mural can be found on the side of The Yard on Mass, which is a beer garden, food truck venue.

Location: 802 N Massachusetts Ave

Thom Downs’ Antiques

img 5648 scaled

When I went to Lakeland, I had a list of all the murals I wanted to see. This one was not on my list because I did not know about it!

So I’m happy that when I was leaving Lakeland, I passed by this building and saw this beautiful mural.

This lovely mural is a 34 foot mural that was spray painted by Lakeland artist Gabriela Jaxon.

Location: 235 N Florida Ave

Angel Wings

img 5607 scaled

This one another one I didn’t have on my list and found on my way to see something else. These beautiful Angel Wings are near the Dixieland Dragon and have been around since 2016.

Artist: Aaron M Corbitt

Location: 1113 Florida Ave S, Lakeland, FL 33803

More Murals

There’s a variety of murals in Lakeland and though I really wanted to see all of them, it was nearly impossible with the amount of things I did in one day.

These are just some I saw driving around, but did not get out to take photos of. Hopefully on my next trip to Lakeland, I’ll be able to take photos of these.

Mass Market

I was not able to take a photo of since there were people doing a photo shoot. Mass Market is right next to The Yard on Mass, so you will definitely see this colorful wall.

This wall is so colorful and perfect for photo shoots. You can find this wall on the back of Mass Market.

Location: 822 N Massachusetts Ave

Church Mural

This is one awesome mural. I had never seen a church before with a mural, but this one was pretty neat to see. The mural looks like blue and purple paint is dripping down the side of the church.

It’s a very unique wall and definitely worth checking out.

Location: 417 N Massachusetts Ave

Create Mural

This beautiful mural was in a parking lot area, which was unexpected but nonetheless a good find! It’s a beautiful mural with butterflies, flowers and plants and the words: Create.

Location: 502 E Main St

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