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Weekend Trip| Wynwood Walls

June 14, 2017 2 min read

As someone who travels to Miami often to visit family and friends, I have made it a mission to visit different places in Miami. Although, the drive from Orlando to Miami is a huge pain in my ass (except for that one time I took a detour to Morikami), I do get to eat some delicious Cuban and Peruvian foods, visit friends and family, and go on some amazing adventures.

This is how I ended up at Wynwood. If you are all about art, graffiti and beautiful things, then you will love visiting Wynwood. This place is full of wonderful art, museums, stores and restaurants. It is definitely a place you want to take family and friends to.

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When I made my visit to Wynwood, I went with my aunt and uncle who were visiting at the time. I wasn’t sure if they would enjoy it, but being that my whole family are all travel junkies, I thought why not? Well, to my relief they enjoyed the outing, and I definitely loved going to Wynwood.

While I strolled through Wynwood, I got to see some amazing street art as well as visit some local museums and coffee shops. Wynwood also has food tours and art walks. The art walks occurs every second Saturday of every month around  6PM to 10PM. This is usually when openings at Art Galleries, Art Institutions, and Retail Businesses happen. The food tours tend to visit 5-6 top restaurants to taste exquisite cuisine and local beer, all while learning more about Wynwood.

Wynwood has so many different galleries to visit and they are all worth seeing (if you like art of course). Here’s a few things I saw in the galleries.

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Of course, the highlight of the night was when we paid a visit to the Wynwood Walls. This part of Wynwood is like an outdoor gallery with a bunch of street art.

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Walking around the Wynwood Walls, there is also an indoor gallery full of vibrant art.

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Wynwood is a great place for all occasions – girls night out, date night, family reunions or even just a night out with family. This is also a great place for Instagramable photos. So if ever in Miami, check out Wynwood.

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