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Turkish Munchies: A Look into Turkish Sweets and Snacks

May 6, 2020 3 min read

One of my birthday gifts this year was the Turkish Muchies box!

This delicious box was full of Turkish sweets and honestly, the selection was so amazing that I didn’t dislike one thing. They were all tasty and delightful.

Hence, why I decided to put it on the blog. Not only can you find this box on their website, but you can also travel to Turkey without leaving your home.

Turkish Sweets

When I first went to Turkey, I wasn’t too pleased with the snacks I had tried. I was so unprepared for that trip that I didn’t know that Turkey had really great snacks.

However, after much research and tasting some of the delightful treats I received in the Turkish Munchies box, my thoughts on the snacks have since changed.

Turkish Munchies offers a variety of snacks. From chocolate bars to pizza crackers. Here’s the Turkish snacks I received in the box.

img 8442


This was absolutely delicious! The Wanted bar has caramel and wafer. It’s crunchie and really good. It’s different from anything I’ve tried in the US.

img 8445 1

Pizza Crackers

These Pizza crackers are great! They taste like pizza and they make a really good snack.

img 8451 1

Kit Kat Tat

A delicious pastry filled with hazelnut cocoa cream. The pastry is really good, it’s fully filled on the inside but makes it a good snack on the go. Although it’s a bit flaky due to the pastry, this is one of my favorites.

img 8460

Dankek Pöti

This is a delicious coconut cake with chocolate sauce inside. The combination is delightful and the cake was nice and moist. You can definitely taste the coconut.

Turkish Sweets


It’s dark chocolate with a crunchy wafer around the filling which is dark chocolate with hazelnut. I’m not much of a fan of dark chocolate but this was tolerable because of the wafer. It’s enjoyable, but for me it’s too much dark chocolate.

Turkish Sweets

Eksi YUZ

Sugary gum that is sour to eat at first. The sourness of the candy lasts for a minute or two and then it’s just sweet.

Turkish Sweets

Cubuk Kracker

These are pretzel sticks, but they are so nice and thin, that I found them to be a great snack!

Turkish Sweets


This tastes just like snickers, which makes it really good! Caramel, chocolate and biscuit – yummy!

Turkish Sweets


This was another favorite. I really don’t like cola flavor candy, but this was enjoyable. You can taste the cola flavor and the popping! Very light candy and fun. It really pops in the mouth.


Turkish Sweets

This was such a delicious bar with white chocolate. This box didn’t offer much with white chocolate, so it was nice to get this one.

Turkish Sweets


These are crackers with spices. You can definitely taste the garlic, which is a great taste. You may not like it if you don’t like garlic, but it’s a great snack for anyone who likes seasoning!

I really enjoyed the Turkish Munchies box and can’t wait to try more Turkish snacks!

Disclaimer: there may be affiliated links on the post, which means I earn commission. However, all opinions are my own and this will not affect anything on your end.

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Turkish Sweets
Turkish Sweets
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1 Comment

  • Blake February 8, 2023 at 7:55 am

    Thank you for your great review, I was looking for a new snack box to try after being disappointed by many well-known brands! After reading your review wanted to give Turkish Munchies a try and ABSOLUTELY FELL IN LOVE. They are fast, affordable, and delicious. Thanks again! definitely going to buy more.

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