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Top 5 Reasons to Visit ICON Orlando

October 28, 2018 2 min read

At 400 feet tall, ICON Orlando is a giant observation wheel in Orlando, Florida. This beautiful wheel offers guests the opportunity to see most of the Orlando area from up above. Although there are other attractions around ICON Orlando, such as Madame Tussauds and Sea Life to go to, there are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t skip the observation wheel and should visit ICON Orlando. 

1.The view from the top is breathtaking

img 9082 1img 9082

There aren’t many places in Orlando, where you can see the city from the top. So being able to get on a giant wheel and spending a few minutes at the top to see the city lights was impressive. During my time on ICON Orlando, I was able to get so many photos of different parts of Orlando. Viewing Orlando from the top gave me a different perspective of Orlando that I had never seen and it was breathtaking. 


2. You can stand on the ride

img 9074 1

Almost every ride I’ve been on, I’ve had to sit. However, because ICON Orlando goes very slow to the top, it is safe to stand up and move around. I don’t know about you, but having this ability made my photographer heart happy! I was able to view different sections of Orlando without having to limit myself to one spot in the capsule. 


3. Perfect for date nights

DSC 0049

If you’re wanting to go on a date night, ICON Orlando has you covered. At night, the beautiful observation wheel lights up and you’re able to take drinks on the ride with you. There’s a bar that’s located right outside the wheel, where you can pick your drinks. 


4. You can learn about your surroundings

img 9088

Each capsule contains an Apple iPad Air Tablet, which allows visitors to explore their surroundings. While, I was in the capsule, I was able to learn more about some of the landmarks we have. Not only was I seeing the landscape, but I was also learning about it! 


5. ICON Orlando is the centerpiece of ICON Orlando 360

img 9079

ICON Orlando 360 is an 18-acre complex that consists of dining, shopping and entertainment. At the center of ICON Orlando 360 is ICON Orlando. So once your ride is done on ICON Orlando, there is plenty to do afterwards. Whether you are there with family, friends or on a date with your significant other, there’s plenty of restaurants and shops to pick from. 

ICON Orlando is a wonderful experience that offers a unique view of Orlando. Whether you go during the day or night, there is so much to do. The ICON Orlando also offers a lighting show, which is where the the observation wheel display changes colors during national holidays. 


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  Top 5 Reasons to Visit ICON Orlando


Disclaimer: I did receive media passes, but as always all opinions are my own. 

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