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The Historic Holiday Décor at The Deering Estate

December 26, 2021 4 min read

During my time in Miami, I got the opportunity to check out the Historic Holiday Decor at The Deering Estate.

This isn’t my first visit to The Deering Estate, but it was my first time visiting during the holidays, and what I found was yet another magical place to visit in South Florida.

The Deering Estate

Historic Holiday Décor at The Deering Estate

Before I get into the holiday decor, you’ll first need to know about The Deering Estate.

The Deering Estate was the estate of Charles Deering, an early preservationist, environmentalist, art collector, philanthropist and first chairman of the International Harvester Company.

The estate includes the Stone House, which was built in 1922, and the Richmond Cottage, which was built in 1896.

The Deering Estate

Holiday Décor in the Stone House

The Mediterranean revival–style Stone House was built to showcase Charles Deering’s art collection, but now for the holidays, you’ll get to see the Stone House come to live with holiday decorations that will transport visitors to the Gilded Age, which describes the period of American history from the 1870s – early 1900s.

The Great Hall

The Deering Estate

One of the first rooms I saw at the Deering Estate is the Great Hall. This beautiful room is quite impressive with the 15 foot holiday tree adorned with ornaments that highlight the Nutcracker.

Adorned by the 100 Ladies of Deering, the Great Hall showcases the magic of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s classic holiday ballet The Nutcracker, first performed in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1892.

img 8518

Aside from the tree and ornaments, there are also original costumes and a projection of select performances of the ballet.

The Library

img 8553

Compared to the Great Hall, the Library is darker in tones. It has more of a masculine vibe, which can be seen when looking at the costumes on display.

This room was adorned by Alfredo Brito, who focused on adding the Russian Imperial style within the ornaments, and using blue and gold tones. The attention to detail in this room is quite impressive and the beautifully adorned table is wonderful.

img 8557

The Second Floor

On the second floor of the Stone House, you’ll find bedrooms. Mrs. Deering’s bedroom is adorned in rose-colored tones, which gives the room warmth, but also shows the holiday spirit. The colors and ornaments are subtle and quite elegant.

img 8571

Mr. Deering’s bedroom is a contrast compared to Mrs. Deering’s bedroom. The room is more masculine with black and gold colors being the primary tones of the room. The bedroom also has original paintings and furnishings from Mr. Deering’s spanish home along with garland and a beautiful Christmas tree.

There’s also the study and the wine cellar in the basement that are quite lovely with all the holiday décor.

img 8615

Holiday Décor in the Richmond Cottage

I honestly thought that the Stone House was my favorite, but as soon as I made my way into the Richmond Cottage, I couldn’t quite select a favorite.

The Richmond Cottage was built in 1896 by Samuel H. Richmond, who had built this beautiful pioneer home for his family on the estate.

When entering the cottage, visitors will feel as though they’ve been transported to a holiday party from the early 1900s.

img 8636

The Dining Room

Although the cottage is quite stunning, one of the rooms that captivated me is the dining room. I absolutely love a decorated dining room and the attention to detail in this room is marvelous.

The Deering Estate

The dining room is set for a festive meal with friends and family, and the decorations are quite rustic. There’s beautiful plaid curtains, a fireplace with garland and stockings, the centerpieces are pinecones and candles, and there’s enough greenery decorating the room to remind you of a cabin in the woods.

The Deering Estate

The Kitchen

If the dining room isn’t enough to put you in the holiday spirit, then the kitchen might do the trick.

The Deering Estate

The kitchen has a number of baked goods and though they aren’t real, they sure do look delicious! From cookies to cupcakes, we get a glimpse of what it would have looked like when the Richmond’s lived there.

The Deering Estate

Aside from all the delicious treats, there’s also gingerbread houses aligned by the windows, wreaths hanging and plaid table runners that match those of the dining room.

The Deering Estate

The Second Floor

The second floor of the Richmond Cottage also has bedrooms like the Stone House. On the second floor you have a mix of kids and adult bedrooms, which was quite nice to see.

The bathrooms are also nicely decorated with lights and garland, which gives it such a festive look.

The Deering Estate


Aside from the two houses in the Deering Estate, there is also a beautiful view of the coast, and if that’s not enough, the estate is also surrounded by lush gardens.

Of course, during the holidays they turn the gardens into a wonderland with holiday lights illuminating the gardens and a beautiful Christmas tree.

The Deering Estate

The Historic Holiday Décor is available until January 6th. Prices are $15 for adults and $7 for kids (ages 4-14).

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