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The Benefits of a Priority Pass

January 18, 2014 Hanny 2 min read No Comments

Making a trip to the airport can be a dreadful moment, even more so when you are dragging three medium sized luggage bags.  If this sounds like something you would do, is it necessary to have three luggage bags? If this is not you, then great! you know how to travel properly.

No matter what the case may be, airports can be packed, stuffy and uncomfortable. It can also be a total phone killer with the lack of charging stations. This is where the benefit of the Priority Pass comes into handy.

When you decide to purchase a Priority Pass, depending on the kind that you bought – standard or prestige, you can gain access to every lounge in the airport. However, Priority Passes are expensive.

Standard Membership

Annual fee: $99
Member visit fee: $27
Guest fee: $27

Standard Plus Membership

Annual fee: $249
Member visit fee: 10 visits free then $27
Guest fee: $27

Prestige Membership

Annual fee: $399
Member visit fee: All visits free
Guest fee: $27

However, certain cards and banks offer the Priority Pass as an incentive for their members, which can be quite beneficial if you do not want to pay so much money for the pass.

One of the credit cards that offers the Priority Pass is the American Express Platinum. Although the annual fee is $450, it is also full of benefits that would cost extra if it weren’t for the American Express.

This card has made it possible for me to obtain the priority pass for free and now whenever I am stuck in an airport for hours and hours, I enjoy the only for members lounge.

What’s so great about the lounges? 

It is not only comfortable, but some of them are full of free food and drinks. On top of that it is not crowded, it has a TV and plenty of phone chargers.

The Priority Pass is great for anyone who travels all the time and who has experienced a few layovers.



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