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Exploring Italy: Sights of Verona

February 4, 2014 2 min read

In all of my years, I never thought I would ever get to see a place inspired by Shakespeare in person. I had watched Letters to Juliet over and over again, dreaming of the day I would finally be able to see Juliet’s house and there it was. The house was full of love notes and the balcony was illuminated by a spotlight as though a show would start.  It was a cold night in Verona, Italy, but the small house looked cozy and full of enchantment.

I had gone to Verona to see this very house and that is one journey I will never forget.

Verona, known as the city of love, is a popular destination for lovers as well as tourists. This beautiful city in Italy was used in Shakespeare’s tragic story of Romeo and Juliet, and as such the Romeo and Juliet theme took over the city, filling it with tourists. Aside from the romantic aspects of the city, there are plenty of other monuments and such to see in Verona. A place full of incredible architecture, Verona has a lot to offer.

1) Casa di Giulietta 

Verona Italy

Verona Italy   Verona Italy
As I mentioned before, Verona is well known for Juliet’s House and every year thousands of tourists visit the small house to leave a letter to Juliet. The house includes the balcony and Juliet’s statue. Verona also has Juliet’s grave at walking distance of the house.

Fun Fact: If you rub the statue of Juliet’s right boob, you will be lucky in love!

2) Arena di Verona


IMG_2167   IMG_2179
If you are an architect nerd or just happen to be fascinated with ancient structures like I am, then you will enjoy the Arena. The Arena is an Amphitheater in Piazza Bra that has hosted some of the top opera performances of all time and concerts of international music.

3) Piazza Erbe


IMG_2149   IMG_2143
Not only are you surrounded by buildings such as the ancient town hall, the Torre dei Lamberti, and the judges hall, but here you will find a flea market full of souvenirs.

Although, I was unable to see Verona during the day, I was able to see the very thing I had dreamed of and that was plenty for me. Aside from  seeing Juliet’s house, I was surrounded by Christmas lights decorating the ancient buildings and Christmas trees that made the whole city inviting. It was not something I was expecting, but I am glad I made the journey and finally lived a dream.

Full of ancient wonder and love, Verona, Italy is an absolute hidden gem.

Verona Italy




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  • Sara Saal January 5, 2015 at 4:06 am

    I never actually knew a thing about the city of Verona, the letters to Juliet or anything in that vein until I watched that gorgeous movie. Trust me, I’m very guilty of having had that on repeat multiple times in the last few years because I love it so much, so you’re not the only one. I was so jealous when I found out that one of my friends who did a European bus tour mid last year actually got to go to Verona. I thought she was just going to Venice but when she said to Verona I almost had a heart attack and then asked almost desperately if I could see the photos. That is one city that I can’t wait to get to.

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