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Riding on The Polar Express in Miami, Florida

December 19, 2021 Hanny 3 min read No Comments
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If you’re looking for something magical and family-friendly, The Polar Express Train Ride is the perfect activity! The train ride can be found in different cities, but the one I went on was the one in Miami.

This wonderful ride occurs in the Miami Central train station and the official train used for the Polar Express is Brightline.

From the moment a person walks into the Miami Central station for The Polar Express Train Ride to the moment they leave, the journey is quite magical and leaves quite an impression.

The Polar Express

The Polar Express

Go on a magical journey along with the rest of the passengers aboard the Polar Express. There’s singing, dancing, story time and some fun characters to meet.

You also get shortbread and hot chocolate in this one hour experience. As well as a special visit from Santa Claus.

The Polar Express

The Polar Express Check-in

The process of getting a ticket is quite simple. You can get your ticket online and once you arrive at the station, you’ll see The Polar Express Check-In.

There you will receive a wristband and the golden ticket, which will be used on the train.

The Polar Express

Boarding The Polar Express

Boarding the train was quite fun! You’re greeted by one of the employees, who takes you to the train. There you see someone in character, who is carrying a lantern and waving at the group.

Once on board the train, the car host assists passengers with their seats and punches the gold ticket.

The train follows a point-to-point route through the areas around Downtown Miami.

The Polar Express

Onboard Entertainment

The Polar Express Train Ride allows passengers to relive the Polar Express story, which allows us to see the characters we see in the story – the conductor, hero boy, the elves and of course, Santa Claus.

During the ride, the passengers get to see the story unfold, but as passengers get the narrative and relive the story, they also get to see the hosts sing and dance.

There’s also story time with the hosts and a very special visit from Santa Claus and his helpers along with a special gift for everyone.

img 8131

Snacks and Drinks

The main drink in The Polar Express story is hot chocolate, which is exactly what we got onboard. We also got a very special performance, where the conductor and hosts sing “Hot Chocolate,” while passing the hot chocolate.

img 8109

Aside from hot chocolate, we also received delicious Walkers Shortbread.

For those with dietary restrictions or allergies, there is a list of ingredients for both the hot chocolate and shortbread at the check-in desk.

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Other information

  • The train ride lasts for an hour.
  • Families are allowed to go in their pajamas.
  • You can sit in a two-seater or at a table for four.
  • There’s different pricing depending on what you end up picking, but the cheapest is $55 for adults, and $50 for children (2-11).
  • Masks are mandatory on the ride unless you are eating and drinking.

This was such a great experience and definitely one that the kids will love.

Disclaimer: I did receive complimentary tickets, but as always all opinions are my own.

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