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Quitting the 9-5 to Travel: Interview with Paul Ryken

July 29, 2019 2 min read

Travel blogger Paul quit his job so that he could travel. Now traveling with his wife, Sandra, Paul shares his story about quitting his 9-5 job to travel and how he makes his income to keep his lifestyle.

Hanny: What is the name of your blog? 

Paul: Minimalist Journeys

Why did you name your blog, Minimalist Journeys?

We originally downsized, sold our house, sold our possessions and reduced a lot of our recurring debt so that we could travel more. We became minimalists in effect – We now write about how to experience more by living with less – as per our tag line. 

What job did you quit to travel? 

Product Manager for multinational IT systems integrator

Quitting the 9-5

How did you end up where you are now? (Why did you choose the destination you are in now)

Visa restrictions meant I had to leave the Schengen area for three months.

What Country are you currently in?

Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our location is always published on our website post.

What do you currently do for income?

Investments, short term rental and our website

What did you do to get the income/work you have now?

Worked for 35 years…

Why did you quit your job?

To better align my actions and outcomes with personal values

How long did it take you to leave your job to travel?

2 years from the time of decision to actual last day of work

 Quitting the 9-5

What advice do you have for others who want to quit their jobs to travel?

Get an alternative source of income and defined set of skills before you quit your job. Don’t just quit and then start a digital nomad lifestyle. 

How has this experience (leaving your job to travel) changed you?

I sleep longer, therefore am less stressed about life experiences, issues and problems. I see and appreciate things in the world that would have passed me by before. 

If a person wanted to do what you do now for income, what would they have to do?

Stay in a good paying role, wait for the children to leave home, sell the house and all your possessions. Invest any money wisely. 

What destinations have you been to since quitting your job? 

Quitting the 9-5 to travel is possible and Paul is a great example of this. If you would like to follow Paul and Sandra’s adventures, you can find them on Instagram and on Facebook.  


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