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Oddities in America

November 9, 2014 2 min read

I am not one to travel around the U.S., I am all about traveling to different countries. However with my life being set in the United States, I have no other choice, but to spend a few trips around the U.S.

Since I am all about having fun, learning about different cultures and exploring oddities, I decided to check out a few oddities around me.

On one of my trips to St. Pete Beach, Florida, I ended up going into a bar by the name of Toasted Monkey. What made this bar so unique was not only the name, but also the upside down Christmas tree on the ceiling. Since I have never seen an upside down Christmas tree, this definitely goes into my oddities in America list.



Next oddity is one that I found on my way to Tampa, Florida somewhere on I-4. I had never seen caravans lined up straight up as the picture below. The fact that they are not on the ground, on all wheels makes this another oddity in America.



Florida of course is not the only one with oddities. Around Savannah, Georgia, I ended up passing this giant cow mailbox on the side of the road. This mailbox is so big that my whole body could fit in there (if I could reach it).

2013-08-02 07.53.26


While walking around Savannah, Georgia, I ended up spotting a fish at the end of a drain pipe. This was the only building that had a fish at the end of the drain pipe and therefore it made it onto my oddities in America list.

2013-08-02 20.45.36


It’s interesting to find so many oddities on my mini trips, but it definitely makes the trips very unique. There are plenty of oddities in America I have yet to see and if you are like me – fascinated by oddities, then you will definitely like Roadside America, a website dedicated to guiding tourists to odd, different places of the United States.

Although I have seen a few good oddities, I hope that in a few months, I will be able to share with you more oddities in America.

Until next time,


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