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Manatee Lagoon: Detour in West Palm Beach

February 18, 2020 2 min read

Nestled between Palm Beach Gardens and Lake Worth, West Palm Beach offers visitors a vast array of activities. From museums to exquisite shops, West Palm Beach is a great city to visit.

Manatee Lagoon

Even with the amount of activities West Palm Beach has, there are some that are not as well known. These activities and places are hidden gems within West Palm Beach and once found, it is just as great as many of the well-known activities, even better.

One such gem was found during one of my detours. Rather than going straight to Miami, I decided to take a small detour that led me to Manatee Lagoon.

Manatee Lagoon

Manatee Lagoon

This beautiful educational center offers a viewing of manatees as well as more information on these wonderful creatures. Aside from a hands on exhibit, they also have a gift shop and programs for the whole family.

Manatee Lagoon is known as an FPL Eco-Discovery Center. The Florida Power and Light company decided to build Manatee Lagoon as part of its environmental mission to educate the public about the Manatees and their relationship with these beautiful creatures.

Manatee Lagoon

For decades, manatees have been attracted to the warm-water discharges of The Florida Power and Light energy center, which makes it possible to see manatees. The electric energy production of the energy center help manatees survive chilly seasonal weather, which is why they are mostly seen during the chilly months.

img 7067

Although this is a small center, they offer plenty that will entertain the whole family. From interactive displays to exhibits, this is definitely a spot worth checking out.

For more information on Manatee Lagoon, check out their site and also see below for more details.

img 7065


Best time to see the manatees: November – March
Cost: Absolutely Free!
Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 9 A.M. – 4 P.M. Parking: plenty of parking and free!

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