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Magical Places in Orlando that are not Theme Parks

August 31, 2020 3 min read

Orlando has a variety of theme parks full of magic. After all, Disney is the most magical place in the world. We also have the Wizarding World of Harry Potter over at Universal and if you’ve ever walked Diagon Alley at Universal, then you will understand why it’s so magical. However, most of us cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars visiting the theme parks, which is why I went on a hunt for some magical places around Orlando.

Although they are not close to being Disney or Universal, I found that these places still bring their own magic to Orlando. Many of these places also reminded me a lot of the stores found in Harry Potter.

Magical Places in Orlando

Gypsy Crystals Herbs

Magical Orlando

Upon arrival, this may look like any other store located in a plaza, but when you open the door, it’s full of trinkets and other magical items.

This place also has a whole wall full of herbs. Sure, they have other things like crystals and crystal balls, but the herb wall is where the magic is.

At first you might think, what’s so neat about an herb wall, but this specific herb wall reminded me a lot of Harry Potter, especially when finding the Mandrake Root.

Magical Orlando

So if you’re trying to create your own medicine “potion”, you can find all types of herbs on this wall for that.

Rocket Fizz

img 0624

This candy shop has a variety of candy and sodas! There are some odd flavors too. Due to the oddity of the flavors and the interesting candies, I find this to be a lot like Honeydukes in Harry Potter.

Magical Orlando

The best part is that you could spend hours in this candy shop looking at all the different, crazy drink and candy flavors.

Prometheus Esoterica

img 0629

Located at the back of Abby Rose Vintage, this place is a lot like what you see in Harry Potter – Borgin & Burkes. Not only is this spot hidden within another store, but the entrance definitely changes from the light and bright Vintage store to a more obscure setting.

With so many interesting things to see, this place is definitely full of ‘magic’. It’s also very dark and macabre, which is why it reminds me of Borgin & Burkes in Knockturn Alley.

img 0631

This place isn’t big, meaning you won’t spend hours there, but it’s worth a spot, especially if you’d like some interesting photos.

Stardust Video and Coffee

Magical Orlando

I don’t know what it is about this coffee shop, but whenever I walk into Stardust it feels absolutely magical. Is it the many trinkets and frames hanging on the walls? Perhaps all the books around the place? Maybe the decor?

I’m not too sure what it is, but the frames around the place and the books give it a magical vibe.

A few others to check out

I have yet to go to the ones below, but I’ve read good reviews and have seen some awesome photos of these places.

Mad Dragon Studios

About an hour an a half away from Orlando in Zephryhills, Mas Dragon Studios focuses on all things Harry Potter. From robes to trinkets, they have some of the cutest Harry Potter items ever.

So if you’re looking for some Harry Potter goods, this is one stop you should make.

The Cloak & Blaster

I keep hearing about this place, so it’s on my list of places to go to. This pub is a gaming pub for geeks! If you like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and so forth, then you will find the menu quite interesting.

With food names such as Bart to the Future, The Lannister and Avocado Toast Kedavra, this spot has become a favorite with local geeks.

Not only are the food names themed, but the pub itself looks like something out of Harry Potter.

Orlando has quite a few spots for those wanting some magic in their lives. Sure Disney’s cute and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is fun, but if you’re looking for a magical Orlando without the rides and cost, then these are definitely places to check out.

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