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How to Travel and Work Remotely: Interview with Christina

June 1, 2022 2 min read

Life shouldn’t be about work. In fact there’s a saying I always go by – You work to live, not live to work. That’s why I wanted to work remotely. My story starts out like many others – I worked in an office for several years, when I finally decided that I wanted to work remotely and travel. Of course, the story of how one gets to that varies.

Everyone has a different story to tell, so today I introduce Christina, the blogger behind BuenQamino.

Thank you for the opportunity to interview you today! Can you please tell us your name and where you are currently located?

Christina: Christina – currently traveling in Sedona, AZ but based in Joshua Tree, CA

What do you currently do for work?

Christina: Virtual therapist, app founder and writer

How long have you been at your current job?

Christina: Years and years

Does your remote job offer benefits such as healthcare etc.?

Christina: No

What do you do for healthcare?

Christina: I pay out of pocket for it. I also get travel insurance for countries I’m visiting.

Do you work set times or work whenever?

Christina: I generally see clients during the week, but work whenever for my other projects

How long have you been working remotely?

Christina: Since 2018

When did you decide that you wanted a remote job rather than an office job?

Christina: Since I started working an office job. It’s not for me.

Do you find it easy to travel and work remotely?

Christina: Yes, very.

How many countries or cities have you been to since working remotely?

Christina: Many.

There are so many people who are currently wanting to go remote. What tips can you offer to those looking to work remotely?

Christina: Figure out what you want to do first, because without the passion, you may burn out – you will need the motivation and proper balance to be able to manage working and traveling.

Wonderful! Thank you so much for your time. Where can we find you to follow your journey?

Christina: @buenqamino and @beginwithintoday

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